City farming

Hauling (almost) the entire contents of a refrigerator along with two weeks worth of (now clean) laundry across NYC boroughs via the subway system is SO fun. Once isn’t enough, so I do it about four times a year. The best part of today’s journey was when I got stuck with my bags in the turnstile at Port Authority. I couldn’t move forward. I couldn’t move back. My bags were clearly too big for the small space. I had visions of spending the night trapped between the bars, hearing Brooklyn-bound A trains (or “D trains running on the E line in place of the A due to track construction”) whizzing by without me on board. The more I struggled, the more I seemed to stick. Passersby glanced at me with amusement as they uselessly shuffled along. I heart New York.

Finally, something in the refrigerator on my back gave way, and I stumbled through. Both of my trains arrived promptly, a fellow passenger helped me carry my bags up to street level in Brooklyn, and I arrived at my apartment just under an hour later. Phew.

After all of that urban excitement, I felt the need to get some dairy farming underway. It’s an overnight process, but here’s a hint for now:


Details to come tomorrow …

Once I’d gotten my dairy project settled in its incubation stage, I unpacked my refrigerator bag from MA and threw a very quick dinner together. Turkey soup:


Peach pie:


And homemade chocolate pb froyo (a partially frozen mash of plain yogurt, vanilla, and chocolate peanut butter Vitatop:


Good night!

2 thoughts on “City farming

  1. mom says:

    That picture of the lavendar syrup brought back the whole trip to British Columbia and the Tea House that we had to take a boat to get to and back – where we got the lavendar syrup after drinking it in lemonade with a fresh flower garnish (violets? pansies?) sitting on white wicker under an umbrella in the teahouse garden… That was so long ago – 10 years? The miracles of sugar and refrigeration as preservatives…

    Regarding the grapenut custard – I really got the recipe from Shirley Nolan who runs a lovely tea house here in town. She was the one who said she’d gotten it from Paula Deen.


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