A little too much …

I wanted to save the rest of the turkey soup from MA to have for lunch this week, so dinner tonight was more fun with crudites! I mixed the cauliflower from home with two Tbsp of herb hummus (also from home), sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and grated homemade cheddar cheese (thanks to my cheesemaking kit):


I roasted the cauliflower on BROIL until the smoke alarm went off, about seven minutes:


On the side, I had about a half cup of homemade yogurt (procedure to come :-)) with blueberries and cherries:


And another mini muffin. All together:


Dessert was a pile of grapenut pudding:


I actually was not hungry at all for dessert and probably should have had half as much as I did, but I’m planning to go to the gym at the crack of dawn tomorrow and I don’t want to be hungry while I’m there (and the pudding tasted too good to stop!).


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