Restaurant Review: Blockheads (plus endless rice)

Tonight, I met my friend Sarah (great name, by the way) for dinner at Blockheads, a Mexican restaurant on the upper east side. Mexican food is SO easy to make healthy … but it’s also easy to make very unhealthy. I was glad Blockheads was a model of the former. I ordered the “No-Dairy Burrito” — similar to my eggs vs. egg whites thinking, I am not opposed to dairy products (quite the opposite, in fact!), but you can’t control quantities when it comes to restaurant-sized servings. I’m generally a plate-cleaner, so I might as well make sure the fat I’m eating is the healthy kind.

My burrito came in a whole wheat tortilla with brown rice, black beans, and soy cheese. Because I asked the waiter to “Super-Corn it” (yeah, I felt stupid saying it then, too), it also came with guacamole, tofu sour cream, and roasted corn salsa inside. It was ENORMOUS:


As expected, I cleared every last crumb. Candlelit cross-section:


My burrito was delicious! Something about the tofu sour cream reminded me of ricotta, so it was almost like a perfectly rich mexican lasagna, yummmm. Sarah ordered the rice and beans burrito, but it was a little too beany for her liking.

The waiter tried to convince us that we wanted margaritas and flan, but we stayed strong and asked for the check. With the check came some mini rice pudding samples, on the house. Here are the rice puddings on a candlelit date with each other:


Sarah’s not really a fan of rice pudding, so I ate both :-). While the pudding was a nice gesture on the restaurant’s part, it tasted suspiciously like Kozy Shack. Sarah mentioned that the last time she ate there, the complimentary dessert was chocolate pudding. Now, far be it for me to turn my nose up at free dessert … just thought it was worth mentioning that Blockheads may have a special relationship with the commercial pudding industry.

Lunch Addendum

I successfully downed every bite of the lunch and snacks I packed today (when do I not, really?), even the emergency backup mini muffins (they only lasted until 9:30 am). More importantly, though, I had another exciting day of sampling delicious Dominican food, courtesy of my coworker Belkis. She shared some of her homemade rice and beans and a bite of some type of overnight-marinated beef — probably the tastiest bite of beef I have ever eaten:


I really need to learn how to cook this way!

One thought on “Restaurant Review: Blockheads (plus endless rice)

  1. Kate says:

    Mmm…I love blockheads! We may have to go after a Niketown run one night – since there is no food anymore:( Well done with the ordering.


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