Walking fruitcake

That is what I am today! This morning, someone at work very thoughtfully opened the boxed fruitcake — the conference room’s last holiday dessert item left standing — and arranged it with a knife for easy cutting and plates and forks for easy serving. I had a case of sluggish Friday food vulnerability and ended up going back for five slices over the course of the day. I don’t even like boxed fruit cake! It’s way too dry. But I kept going back for more like a zombie. Here’s a photojournal of some of the damage:




Then, my coworker Nydia shared some of her corn chowder with me:


Like the M&M mug in the background? The fifth-grader I see for counseling gave it to me as a Christmas gift :-). It kept my Earl Grey (and my fingers!) cozy all day long.

After the soup, Nydia offered me some fancy shaped Fritos:


I accepted because they looked like pasta, and pasta is my favorite food. Here are my three:


And finally, I did not eat this, but it was too pretty not to share. Rice, beans, and shrimp that my coworker Vianni cooked last night:


It smelled amaaaaazing. Vianni said she would write the recipe down for me over the weekend, so hopefully I will be able to try it out soon.

Up next … staff holiday party!

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