As predicted, the snow started falling this morning, grrrrrrrr. I did not go for my run and instead rushed out to do some Saturday errands (along with the rest of Brooklyn) before it got too messy. I grabbed a kitchen sink mini muffin as I left:


The grocery store was out of control with everyone stocking up on milk and water before the big storm (eye roll), but I survived. I had to get a lot of food because I hadn’t shopped in three weeks, and I ended up only spending $30 (my self-imposed weekly food budget is $40). My purchases included: 3 lbs. McIntosh apples, pint strawberries, pint grape tomatoes, dozen eggs, crunchy natural peanut butter, yogurt for yogurt-making tonight, 28 oz. canned pumpkin, 4 navel oranges, cantaloupe, cabbage, carrots, old-fashioned oats, 2 bags fresh cranberries, nutmeg, and ginger:


I immediately peeled and chopped the carrots into matchsticks for snacking next week, chopped the cantaloupe into chunks, and cut the green heads off the strawberries. Food is less likely to go bad when it is ready to eat at a moment’s notice :-). During all of this, I snacked on some cantaloupe shavings:


I wanted something hot for lunch, so I arranged a bowl of leftovers from last night and reheated it in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes. Wilted salad greens topped with collard greens, baked chicken, and okra gumbo with shrimp:


Dessert was half the container of yogurt I just bought (I only need to use half to make a new yogurt batch tonight). Ronnybrook Coconut Creamline yogurt with a chopped strawberry and nutmeg:


OK, I’m off to start the process and take care of some other weekend things …

7 thoughts on “Snowbound

  1. Gina says:

    I just came back from my grandmom’s 75th b-day party and it was at an Italian restaurant. I ate so much food and I took some pics for you if you have any desire to use them or just see them! I have some entree and dessert pics for you! I guess your blog is inspiring me to take food pics!


  2. Angela says:

    Hey there,

    I just came across your blog from Jenna’s blog. I noticed your comment about trying out yoga. I just recently tried it this weekend and I am determined to give it a go. I tried a couple of classes a looong time ago and was scared of it ever since. I now am trying to look at it as a challenge and a way of adding another element to my fitness. The truth is, I had been neglecting my flexibility and relaxation exercises all together! Maybe you can take the journey with me! 🙂 I posted this Am’s and afternoon’s post on my first two classes.



  3. Kimberly says:

    Sarah!! I found your blog through Jenna’s (I was the one who mentioned Ayurveda Cafe) and it turns out we have mutual friends from NYU (specifically my best friend, Miss R.L. Feld)! Talk about a small world =)


  4. mom says:

    Sar- Glad to supply you with some chia seeds. Found them through Andrew Weil’s health newsletter a few year’s go,went to the site and ordered some last year,and still have a little left. They are loaded with omega-3’s,and I use them often in place of or in addition to ground flax seeds(which would also work with the heated ricotta). I’m excited someone thought the pix of the kitchen-sink muffin looked good-I agree,specially with the cranberry so strategically shown. Talk to you soon. xoxoxoxox!


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