Garnishes make good snacks + Dinsert

The workshop today was almost worthwhile. Except I kept thinking of 10,000 other things I could have been doing instead. The highlight was when I noticed the dregs of a breakfast buffet (muffins, donuts, bagels, danishes) from an earlier session on a table in the back. I went closer, and everything looked like insta-diabetes except for … the garnish! While the lecture went on in front, I sneakily grabbed an empty coffee cup:


And set to filling it with every last strawberry and orange slice I could find:


I saved this fruit for after lunch, and it helped me stretch out my snacks perfectly so that I stayed fueled through meeting Kate and the running club for 3.5 miles in the park (33 minutes, 320 cals, 167 ave hr — yayyy, HRM!) and the 45 minute commute home to dinner (or, more accurately, dinsert). Central Park, though freezing, was gorgeous tonight — we felt like we were running through a Christmas card with the snowy hills, ice skaters, and horse-drawn carriages … you know the deal.

When I finally got home, I was sleepy and needed food stat, so I whipped up another dinsert (aka dinner-dessert or dessert-for-dinner). I had a teacup of cantaloupe with nutmeg and apple with cinnamon:


And a toasty Chocolate Fig VitaTop slathered in a heaping T of melty pb:


Yum, that pb is literally cascading over the sides! And here’s a cute little fig peeking through:


And right now, my body is saying, “Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for making me burn 839 (!!!!!!) calories today so that I could enjoy peanut butter for breakfast AND dinner. Now, put me to bed!”

P.S. I’m not saying that I’m only allowed to eat peanut butter when I burn 839 calories … just that 839 seems an impressive number and I wanted to brag ;-). Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day. No wasting away happening up in here!

P.P.S. Make sure to go visit Jess at Model Behavior because she is giving away some delicious-looking chewy fruity vitamin-candies. That means for free! Hurry!!!

6 thoughts on “Garnishes make good snacks + Dinsert

    • Sarah says:

      There was one through Prospect Park Saturday mornings this past summer, but they seem to do it only kind of sporadically now. I’ll let you know if I hear of it starting back up again!


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