Don’t hate me because I’m boring

Food thus far today has been (almost) exactly the same as yesterday, but I did try to mix up the arrangement for your viewing pleasure. Here’s my lunch doing gymnastics on the kitchen chair because it was tired of posing for photographs and wanted to get packed already. Pork and beans, sofrito rice, yogurt/fruit, orange, carrot sticks:


If you’ve been following along, you already know what’s inside. What you don’t know is how many tries it took me to get the orange to stay on top.

Notice I did not pack an emergency back-up snack. That’s because today is an exercise-free day! Plus, I’m going to an alumni talk at NYU tonight about women’s health, and I believe refreshments are planned. I will of course report back if I gather any useful info … but we all know I’m really going for the food. So dinner is anyone’s guess!


Breakfast this morning was also the same … but different. Half cup banana bread crockpot oats, half cup homemade yogurt, sweetened shredded coconut, nutmeg, and peanut butter:


Notice how the strawberry is whole today (it was chopped and spread around the outside yesterday) and the peanut butter is all around the edge (instead of contained in a spoon):


I work hard for visual variety!

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