Need heat!

When I got back to the office from my visit this afternoon, I knew there was no way the running club was going to happen tonight. Even though the snow had stopped, I was cold and tired and could think of nothing I wanted less than to wait around for 6:30 so I could run outside in the ice-fest. I’ll go to the gym tomorrow morning instead, once I’ve had time to forget how bitter it is out there. The whole subway ride home, I was alternately sleeping and running through potential dinner items in my head. I came up with steamed cabbage (so original, I know) topped with sofrito:


LOVE cabbage. I also steamed the core whole (best part!) and snacked on it while I was working on this warm pumpkin mess that involved sauteeing cranberries and apples in a teeny bit of water until the cranberries popped:


While mixing one cup of canned pumpkin (this past fall, I “picked” a 25-pound pumpkin at a pumpkin patch and spent the better part of a week roasting and pureeing it in eight sections … yet it did not hold a candle to Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin) with vanilla and loads of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. I have a very heavy hand when it comes to those three spices:


And an egg:


I mixed everything together and put it in a pan pancake-style on top of a little canola oil:


My original intention was a pumpkin omelet, but I clearly used way too much pumpkin for the egg to hold it all together. It’s probably physically impossible for me to go easy on the pumpkin. Once it was cooked through, I put half on a plate and saved the other half for tomorrow. Topped with more nutmeg and a bit of yogurt:


It would have been even more delicious with bananas mixed in, but can you believe I am already out of them??

For dessert, I thawed my last of the homemade chocolates that one of the nurses at my office made before the holiday. Can you guess what’s inside??


Peanut butter!!!


Lunch and a tribute to the last muffin

Lunch was definitely the same as it’s been all week (yay for Sunday preparation!):

pork & beans, sofrito rice, yogurt/fruit, muffin, carrots, orange

pork & beans, sofrito rice, yogurt/fruit, muffin, carrots, orange

Do you see that muffin way at the top of the tower?? That is the last kitchen sink muffin from the batch my mom made while I was home. I will miss them. Thanks, Mom! I took two extra pictures of the historic last muffin as a sign of respect:


And an important reminder: You can still enter the Snacktrition nuts giveaway contest at N Her Shoes until midnight Friday. Free nuts are waiting!

3 thoughts on “Need heat!

  1. Gina says:

    Sarah-what type of bag do you carry that can hold all your daily tupperware? I was wondering that all week! I carry a large purse AND another bag to bring my lunch. It’s a bit much and my shoulders often hurt! And how do you defrost all your frozen food in time to cook it? Do you have to plan a day in advance to make sure all your food is defrosted in time to use it?


    • Sarah says:

      Gina, I’ll present a picture of my lunch bag on the next post! As for freezing … If I know I’m going to eat the food within the week (like when I make all the week’s lunches on Sunday), I don’t bother freezing. Otherwise, I will take something out of the freezer the day before if I know I’m going to want to use it. If you don’t know that far in advance, you can always defrost in the microwave (I don’t have one, but you do!), cook it for longer on lower heat in the oven (still will take a while), take it out and wait an extra day for it to defrost on its own in the fridge, or “steam” it covered in a pot with a little bit of water.


  2. Alison says:

    Hey! I read your comment over on carrotsncake about working in Peru for a month and was wondering if you would mind sending me the name of the program you worked for, etc. My time in Seoul is nearing an end and my fiance and I are looking for our next adventure 🙂



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