The week is looking up


I was reading Oprah’s magazine this morning on the StairMaster, and a very distressed woman had written in for advice with the following concern: “Monthly facials no longer fit my budget. How important are they?” I started chuckling with gratitude that this worry is one that will never cross my mind (because I always make room in my budget for monthly facials, of course. JOKE). And then, while I was chuckling, the “Love Theme” from Love Actually started playing on my ipod and made me even happier. So it was a good morning. Workout stats for run to gym, legs/back/chest on cybex, 30 mins stairs, 10 mins abs/stretching, run back: 1 hour, 16 minutes; 440 calories; average heart rate 126; highest heart rate 165.

For breakfast, I had a big mug of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea and cup of carrot cake crockpot oats with 1/2 cup yogurt and sprinkle cinnamon:


Also, I had a question about the type of peanut butter I use. I didn’t eat any with the oats this morning, but I thought I’d answer in a picture anyway. Hopefully it’s not the type with salmonella!


I couldn’t find a website, but for you NYers, I’ve seen it at both C-Town and Fairway.

Welcome back to the week!

8 thoughts on “The week is looking up

  1. Melinda says:

    aaahh, that salmonella thing is scaring me!! i have no idea what peanut butter it is, but i know they recalled PB larabars and jamfrakas bars! and I LOVE LOVE ACTUALLY!! such an adorable movie! have a great inauguration day 🙂
    PS, you asked about my strength training routine and i think i’m going to do a post on it soon, so stay tuned!


  2. mom says:

    Hey sweetie-What a great day! Watched the inauguration and was moved-thenate 2 of my kitchen sink muffins from the freezer(smallest size minis),nuked for a bit with sliced 1/2 bananaput on after,and a clementine. Thought of you alot,and felt very healthy. Usually I would put almond butter on the muffins,but am out. Tomorrow I’ll go to Whole Foods to get more fresh ground. Again thought of you while I was making more grapenut pudding and ricotta pie with millet/grapenut crust with a few special dark chocolate morsels (Hershey’s) dotted over it before I poured the ricotta batter in. Of course, no sugar(erythritol and xylotol,but much less than the recipe called for) and instead of flour in the pie,I used gound oldfashioned oats. The cats always benefit when I bake,since I leave out a few yokes and put in extra eggwhites, so they go nuts when they see me take the egg carton out of the frig. Am enjoying your posts alot, and you inspire me to stay creative! Love,mom


    • Sarah says:

      Mom, as always, thanks for such an informative post! You know you’re my cooking inspiration, and I love to hear what you’re up to in the kitchen :-). xoxo


  3. mom says:

    Sar- That’s right,it’s Em’s b-day. How clever to put your own celebration and pix on your blog for her and the other sibs(my stepkids) to share with you! Please send Em my love and best wishes. Thanks. FYI, I’m not sure how much protein yolks actually have-it’s the whites that have most if not all of the protein. You could look it up, but I think the yolks mostly have fat and definitely good nutrients. That’s why adding the whole egg or just the white is the way to go for protein. By the way, the ricotta pie is amazing,as is the grapenut custard! Wish you could taste them. I love you tons. Mom


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