Sample day

Today, I ate everything I packed … plus more! I was so munchy all day long. Both of my visits today were completely in Spanish, so I think the extra mental-energy-burning made me hungry :-).

When I ate my mid-morning orange, I decided to try something crazy that I’ve seen Meghann do: top it with peanut butter:


It was ok, but I still prefer pb on apples, bananas, and carrots!

Inginia brought in tastes of a healthy-ish sweet potato pie she made, so I had some as mid-morning snack #2:


And mid-morning snack #3:


After my lunch (kale + date curry and yogurt/fruit, exactly as planned), I also tasted a bite of Mildred’s homemade lasagna:



At 3:30, I dug into the carrot sticks with my peanut butter and raisins:


I’ve never been a fan of celery, so this is my version of ants on a log. While I was eating it, I kept thinking of the story that my sister Emily told me about her trip to the Amazon and eating ants from the lemon trees there. I wonder if it is anything like eating raisins stuck to carrots with peanut butter?

At 4:10, I couldn’t hold out any longer and finally broke into the Quaker True Delights bar that I’ve been carrying around since Monday!


The nuts in this bar were plentiful and evenly distributed, and there were loads of cranberries … but only cranberries! Where was the rest of the berry “mix” implied by the title?


Honestly, this bar tasted kind of on the blah-side. Your regular run-of-the-mill granola bar. My favorite of the three has definitely been the dark chocolate raspberry almond bar … even though it only had one almond. I stick to my initial analysis that Quaker should drop the “almond” from the bar’s title because that would leave nothing to be disappointed about when the eater notices that it is almond-less!

Just before I left work, Inginia heated up her dinner, and I had to go investigate. As my last official bite of the work day (except for candy #6 from Belkis’ candy jar that flew into my mouth next), I had a taste of her tilapia with sofrito, garlic, and lemon juice:


I think I need to do a coworker kitchen tour. They keep bringing in foods for me to try with the most delicious seasonings! And I love days like this that are full of such a variety of flavors. It was like sample day at Whole Foods :-).

When I got home, I put together a pretty odd dinner (accompanied by sugar cookie sleigh ride tea!):


I sauteed the rest of the yellow squash (rescued from Hunter Monday night) with minced garlic, cilantro, canola oil, soy sauce, 2 tbsp of Vianni’s rice from yesterday, raisins (!!), and a fun twist: wasabi paste!


I was in the mood for spicy/sweet/salty all in one dish, but I was apprehensive about how this mishmash of random things would taste:


It was kind of ridiculously delicious.

For the side, I made an open-faced Banana Fudge Vitatop sandwich (one vitatop sliced down the middle) with a tbsp of peanut butter and sliced banana. I oven-ed the whole thing for seven minutes at 400 to make everything melty together:


I want another one right now!!

But I’m trying to restrain myself. I may need to have a bite of frozen carrot cake in a minute though :-). We’ll see!

Do you prefer days full of random bites or days full of separate and complete meals?

9 thoughts on “Sample day

  1. brandi says:

    yumm….that vitamuffin looks good!

    I have days when regular meals are better, and days when I’m eating little bits all day long.

    I like both types of days, as long as it involves good food!


  2. carolinebee says:

    holy mother!! That dessert looks so good, how did u have it taunting you throughout dinner!?? 😀 I like little snacksters- unless I go out to eat (or have delish co-worker food! Oh damnit, that’s you!) Then i bring on the feasting!! I’m like that too with desserts- if it’s sooo good, i just wanna make another one instantly! RESTRAINT…..and thanks about the seasoning tip, hehe nice to know she uses a little help too!


  3. John (step dad) says:

    Sarah – you are SO like your Mom (I mean this as a total complement) – very creative and willing to take chances and coming up with a totally delicious mishmash with what’s at hand.
    (And this from the girl that pasta built!)


  4. Erin says:

    I’m happy when I have separate meals, but oh I love a snackin’ 🙂
    Thats what I’m doing right now.
    It’s been a snacky evening. Majorly. Ha.


  5. fitforfree says:

    I think I prefer separate meals . . . I feel way more satisfied that way.

    That being said, once in awhile it is so much fun to eat little bits and pieces of different things all day 🙂


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