Good morning! I’m in such a good mood — I love my Thursday morning time with daylight :-). I went for a quick little sunrise snow run outside this morning in the 11-degrees-but-feels-like-negative-1 weather (about 2.5 miles) and then came home and did the 20-minute Gentle Hatha #1 from Once again, I’m not a yoga person at all, but I really enjoyed this class — such a relaxing and thorough stretch! Total workout stats, including “transition” time:Β  56 minutes, 281 calories, average heart rate 115, highest heart rate 171.

Breakfast this morning was yet another bowl of crockpot gingerbread spice oats. Only two more servings left after today — sad! With 1/2 cup healthy cream cheese icing, extra powdered ginger, and two cumbled graham sticks:




I could take pictures of oats all day!

I’m currently sipping on some soymilky black tea, and I’ve got class later this morning followed by a group field advisement meeting … but I could actually be home by 3:30 if all goes according to plan! Here’s the lunch I’ll be enjoying during advisement:


You can probably guess, but just in case you’re stumped, the lunch includes 3/4 cup kale and date curry with 1/4 cup cooked brown basmati rice, an orange, and Greek yogurt with chopped apple, chopped banana, and ginger. I’ve got some work homework to finish up when I get home, and then maybe I can get moving on this week’s BSI (I bought spinach yesterday for $2, bringing the week’s grocery total to $33) because competition is fierce and I want to win those chocolates!

8 thoughts on “Sunlight!

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    I promise not to harass you everyday between now and the half, but I just had a panic attack – can you wear headphones? I read some hooha once about how races were starting to ban headphones. I would die of boredom. I need to rock out.

    Anyway, sorry, I know this is YOUR blog, so let me see… please make me that lunch! I don’t know how to do anything with kale.


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