Breakfast + breakfast

I finally got down to business this morning with homework. I still have lots more reading to do, but I finished a paper proposal that I need to turn in tomorrow, yay!  While I worked, I had soymilky chocolate caramel enchantment chai and 1/3 of the seedy bagel I rescued from work last week toasted with a tbsp peanut butter and 1/3 sliced banana:


With cinnamon sprinkled on top of course:


After I finished the proposal, I went out for some errands and stumbled into several cheese samples and this bite of cherry pie, mmmmm:


I didn’t mean to do a big grocery shop and actually went into the store just for one thing, but I found all sorts of sales! Here’s the haul:

img_3428Two boxes golean crunch, unsweetened Silk (free with $8 purchase of the 2 goleans), 2 white grapefruits, pitted dates, morningstar asian veggie patties ($3.50 sale), grapes ($.99/lb!), asparagus ($1.99/lb!), 2 boxes frozen spinach ($.86 each!), yam, green beans, nonfat cottage cheese ($1.99), mints to refill Belkis’ candy jar, sugar-free mints for me (I’m hoping that the chemical sugar-freeness of them will slow me down on the candy consumption!).

Total: $26!!

Once home, I put together a quick lunch (or breakfast part 2) around 2:30. I had done some freezer maintenance earlier this morning and found tons of frozen fresh herbs that we’ve had in there for at least 16 months. So I made an herby scrambled egg with dill, basil, rosemary, and sage; the grape tomatoes I rescued from Hunter last week; and some freshly grated homemade cheddar and ground black pepper:


I also made butternut squash fries with the remaining 1/4 squash from last night. I tossed the pieces of squash with olive oil, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, coarse sea salt, and fresh ground black pepper and roasted them for 15 minutes at 425:


I enjoyed my meal with more tea and more “studying”:


Back to work!

Question: Are your Sundays for productivity or for relaxation??

6 thoughts on “Breakfast + breakfast

  1. Gina Boland says:

    I went to your favorite place, Fairway, today! Sundays are usually a mix of productivity and relaxation. This morning I relaxed and we left the house around 1pm, than we were unexpectedly out most of the day b/c we went to lunch in Park Slope, stopped by Chris’s parents house, took his mom with us to Fairway, then waited while she cooked dinner and took food to go! I now have an overabundance of food which I guess is a good thing!


  2. erin says:

    definitely relaxing… i go crazy all morning on saturday to get everything done. that leaves saturday night for socializing and sundays for laziness. and cooking, of course.


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