Life on the farm

In other words, I’ve been grazing all afternoon! Have I done any more work for school??? NO!!!

How does this happen every Sunday? I start cooking one thing, and then it is suddenly five hours later and bedtime.

As usual, I snacked all afternoon long as I cooked. I ate the peel of the sweet potato that I used for making Pumpkin Kibbi from a recipe my coworker gave me.


I also ate some of the clusters of amazingness from the top of my new box of Kashi GoLean Crunch, the best cereal ever. Three in my palm and two in a capful of soy milk:


2 with a capful of soymilk

I made pumpkin pie crockpot oats (nibbling plenty along the way, too) and ate the scrapings from the crockpot bowl:


Plus half a piece of the kibbi (again, in addition to “taste-tests” as I cooked!):


And a dark chocolate Godiva peppermint patty:


And then I was still hungry, so I had my last vitatop (tear). Dark chocolate pomegranate VitaTop with peanut butter and a chopped date:


And now I need to quickly pull everything together for tomorrow and get my behind into bed!

Are you ready for the week?

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