Powering through

I did the 45-minute treadmill run at the gym again this morning. The sprints in there kill me — as do the two minutes at 8% incline! — but I feel so accomplished when it’s over. Stats: 1 hour and 9 minutes, 456 calories, 133 average heart rate, 173 max.

Breakfast was … pumpkin pie crockpot oats. Surprise! I switched up the arrangement a bit today to keep you on the edge of your seat. With soymilky chocolate caramel enchantment chai:


I topped my oatmeal ring-around-the-yogurt with chopped grapes (mixed into the yogurt), a sprinkle of Kashi GoLean Crunch!, and nutmeg/cinnamon/ginger:


I have two long meetings today and two home visits … and then I’m on vacation for 24 hours! I don’t work on Thursdays because I have class, and I don’t have class tomorrow because the school is closed for Lincoln’s birthday :-). My to-do list is already a mile long, but it’s such a relief to have some free time during “business hours.” How do you like to spend random days off?

P.S. My blogger secret valentine, Tyler at Raspberry Runner, got the package I sent yesterday, yay!

10 thoughts on “Powering through

  1. snackface says:

    You’re a badass for doing that treadmill garbage (I’m a pansy!). Haha. Random free days? I love to do nothing! Watch TV, work out, get grub, read blogs. Notta whole lot!


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