Bed without dinner

That’s right — I’ve sent myself to bed without dinner! And I’ll show you why …

I was hungry hungry the second I got to work today. I ate grapes and drank sugar cookie sleigh ride tea before the meeting at 9:30:


Mid-meeting, I couldn’t hold out any longer and had to break open the yogurt. Today’s combo included 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/3 chopped banana, 1/2 chopped apple, 1 tbsp raisins!, 2 tbsp pumpkin!, cinnamon, ginger, and 1 tbsp Kashi Golean Crunch!:


I wasn’t even hungry again yet, really. But I needed something to wake me up! It was sooooo hot in that room.

Post-meeting, I caved to a candy craving:


And another one:


And then these chewy strawberry fangs attacked my phone and I had to act fast to carry out a successful rescue:


Plus, I ate a few regular mints and a few more sugar-free mints. Ahhh, this candy habit is becoming troublesome!! I probably could have halted the trainwreck had I known what was coming later in the day …

But before sugargate #2, I had lunch. A mix of Belkis’ habichuelas, Inginia’s gandules, and Vianni’s vegetable rice:


The last 1/3 cup of my kale and date curry:


And many tastes! A bite of lentils with turkey (this was AMAAAAAAZING, bursting with flavor) that Belkis’ cousin made:


A tortilla chip from Wendy and a bite of spaghetti with meat sauce from Jessica:



And a chicken and cheese taco that Deborah’s mom made, mmmmmm!





I had an apple with some work pb (Jiffy) around 2:


And green beans before meeting #2 at 3:15:


And then, T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Delicious trouble, but trouble nonetheless. If you’re sensitive to photographs of ridiculous dessert, you should probably run away from the computer very fast.

In honor of a coworker’s 10th anniversary with the agency, a surprise celebration was planned to take place during the meeting. Involving this:




That is MOCHA frosting, in case you’re not an expert on this sort of thing.

Sadly, Rosalie wasn’t able to come in today, so we had to have the celebration without her!! We saved her some of this amazing cake, and I documented everything with the camera of course. I love this picture because you can literally see the cake vanishing into thin air:


I had TWO enormous pieces (I’m really not exaggerating), plus lots of frosting
that I scraped off the cardboard. I couldn’t stop. Everything about this cake was amazing. Even though it was from a bakery, it still tasted homemade. And the coffee flavor kept it from being so overbearingly sweet. And the texture, ahh!! Perfectly moist. It all went something like this:




So, for this reason, I am in bed without dinner!! One of my friends from home has been reading the blog and emailed me today to say, “You must weigh about 10 pounds! I have been following your blog, you are crazy healthy!” Kerri, this is why I do not weigh 10 pounds! (and thank goodness for that :-))

I came home and ate a very very quick palate cleanser to remind myself how wonderful healthy tastes (although that cake was so goooooooooooooooood). Two spoonfuls of pumpkin, two spoonfuls of yogurt, cinnamon, and grapes:


I felt very wholesome after that.

And then I spent a few minutes playing with a special treat that arrived today:


Yes, MY PRIZE from being one of the lucky winners of Tina’s Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! Look at all of the goodies Tina sent:

z-bar, pria bar, trio bar, adora calcium disks (!!), $5 off Boboli coupon, Tazo teabags, Burt's Bees lip treatments, chocolates, AND candy bracelets!!

z-bar, pria bar, trio bar, adora calcium disks (!!), $5 off Boboli coupon, Tazo teabags, Burt's Bees lip treatments, chocolates, AND candy bracelets!!

THANKS, TINA!!! This is such a variety-filled, fun package. I can’t wait to play more with all of my new treats :-).

AND, I have the day off tomorrow!!! I’m feeling so relaxed right now. My goal is 12 hours of sleep tonight. Do you think it is possible?

I’ll have to resume productivity mode as soon as I get up, but it’s nice to have a few unrushed minutes right now. Tomorrow’s agenda includes: a sweaty run (because did you see all the cake I ate?), errands to CVS and the library, preparing my contribution to our work Valentine’s lunch on Friday, figuring out what to make for this week’s BSI, work homework, grad school homework, hair dye, sorting out student loan confusion, and more! Are there even enough hours in the day?

P.S. Go visit Meghann to participate in her brilliant Gracie’s Gear giveaway!

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