Bien grande

That title applies to my lunch …

And subsequently to my stomach.


When Mildred and I left the site visit this morning, it was just about time for lunch. Her husband works in the neighborhood where we were, so he came and joined us for an impromptu Mexican feast. I was actually just going to eat the lunch I had packed while they ordered their meals, but Mildred insisted that I “let” her treat me … so I did. I’m nothing if not compliant ;-). I ate loads of those chips above — they were still hot! — and most of the guacamole and salsa.

I ordered the most beautiful chicken quesadilla:


(By the way, this was a real Mexican restaurant with no sort of fancy whole wheat, fat-free/soy cheese, yogurt-instead-of-sour-cream options. Sometimes, you just need to roll with it!)

I ate the whooooooole thing. Riccardo got another dish of guac, and I used that to smother the quesadilla post-picture, too 😀


Plus tostones (x3!):


And some of Riccardo’s fish (x2!) and all of the onions and peppers that came with it (unpictured):


On our way out, I grabbed this candy to eat because it was pretty:


Phew, I was F-U-L-L. No need for dinner tonight. Thank you, Mildred, for supporting me through two whole meals!! The lunch I had packed is resting securely in the fridge at work to await Friday’s lunch (no work tomorrow because I have class).

Back at the office, however, I did still go a little sugar-wild with a strawberry lollipop:


And a baby Heath bar bite:


And approximately four unpictured mints. And the two dates and two prunes extracted from my packed lunch:


I’m home now and snuggled in my pjs with a mug of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea and an evening palate cleanser of 1/3 cup yogurt mixed with about 2 tbsp of my morning pumpkin gingerbread crockpot oats:


What size is your belly today, and why?

(Pssssssst, have you seen the new developments at Healthing It? Go check now because there may me something (i.e. something free!) in it for you …)

15 thoughts on “Bien grande

  1. Vani says:

    My belly is medium today. Larger now that I just had dessert 🙂

    Way to listen to your tummy and forgo regular dinner 🙂


  2. Yasmin says:

    Ha ha! Love the question of the day! Mine is not too bad today surprisingly! Usually at the end of the day I feel like a happy Buddha! Craziness! Your food looked really yummy though. I haven’t had REAL Mexican food in forever!


  3. marafaye says:

    I had Mexican food very similar to that on Monday! Lets just say I paid for it many times over!

    My tummy is… not hungry but not full either, and REALLY wanting a cookie.


  4. luckytastebuds says:

    Hi Sarah!! I TOTALLY love this post!! First of all, I love getting treated to a DELICIOUS free lunch too. hahah There is nothing more amazing than lots of homemade guac. Third, I love that you balanced your eating thorughout the day and didn’t eat that much for dinner because you were still full from lunch. Sometimes, my mind is stuck in this rutt where I believe i NEED to eat certain things at certain times. I love your eats!!

    And my belly is rather poofy right now because i had 2 carbonated drinks in 30 minutes!! grrr I need to swear them off!


  5. janeterin says:

    Yum! I have an avocado sitting in my fridge that I was going to make a deep hair conditioner out of, but maybe guac is in order instead!

    By the way, I commented about this after your comment on my BioBag post, but I did a little more research about drop-off compost spots. I found this comment on Yelp from about a year ago “The only compost pick up/drop off I know of is the one in Union Square (at the farmer’s market). I don’t know if they’re there everyday, but they’re definitely there on Saturdays.”

    I don’t know if that’s convenient for you, but thought it was worth a shot. Maybe there are other places near you, too! Funnily enough, I’ve actually been to that Farmer’s Market – in Dec, in the snow!


  6. snackface says:

    Ok, I am not one for mexican food, but there are few things in life that make me happier than endless chips + salsa+ guac and a giant lime margarita. So delicious and so happy. Oh goodness, I just realize that I’ve left two comments that could point to my having alcoholism. I do not, I swear! Haha man, I should edit myself more. Glad you got to have a delicious, free feast!


  7. Sweetie Pie says:

    Your Mexican feast looked so good! I get myself in trouble with a basket of chips, and those looked particularly yummy!

    My belly is sort of medium sized and sloshy. I just guzzled a bunch of water too fast, and now I’m afloat like the Love Boat.


  8. Danielle says:

    Oh my gosh that food looks amazing. If somebody offers to pay for your food it’s madatory you get something delicious!
    That rainbow candy is too cute.
    My tummy is average today, I feel a little bloated though, yuck.


  9. mom says:

    Just finished making a variation on your black bean,salmon patties,which are now in the oven crisping more, to be fridged for tomorrow. This morning late I had another of your breakfast cookies(cooked),heated in the microwave so the choc was melted-yummmmmmm! Can’t wait tomake your kale pizza crust again-it works so well. Wow, are you giving me such great cooking and eating ideas. I love it and you, too! Love and xoxoxoxox,


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