Sprinkles, icing, and parental advice

As of Wednesday night, I did not feel like the week was moving quickly AT ALL. But as of this morning, I feel like it has flown! How did that happen?

Quick rewind to last night. Dinner was simple but delicious. I had a morningstar asian veggie patty (the last one — so sad!), half of a baked sweet potato dolloped with plain yogurt and sprinkled with cinnamon, and a market sample toastie with sample cheese:


I was clearly in a frozen treat mood yesterday, so I got some homemade froyo going in the freezer while I was eating dinner. This mix included 1/3 cup healthy cream cheese icing, 1/2 cup pumpkin (for volumizing purposes), 1 tsp peanut butter, and a chopped piece of lindt hazelnut chocolate. Oh, and also a market sample almondine cookie. And light whipped cream. And more sprinkles (because my dad told me that brown foods don’t look pretty or appetizing on the blog).


And then I had one more piece of hazelnut chocolate because I really wanted it:


This morning at the gym, I did arms and steps and racked up the following stats: 1 hour and 14 minutes, 435 calories, 126 average heart rate, 170 max.

And breakfast was the same it’s been all week. Doesn’t taste old yet, though! (I don’t think my crockpot oats will ever taste old to me.) One cup of pumpkin gingerbread crockpot oats with 1/2 cup healthy cream cheese icing, unsweetened coconut, crumbled grahams, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin seeds:


And can’t forget the soymilky black tea on the side:


I ate strategically to make the cream cheese icing outlast the oats because I had a plan for breakfast part 2! I mixed the rest of the icing with about 2/3 cup of canned pumpkin and the appropriate spices for a bit of pumpkin pie pudding 🙂


On an unrelated sidenote, my mom left me a comment yesterday and said, among other things: “Wow, are you giving me such great cooking and eating ideas. I love it and you, too! Love and xoxoxoxox, om.” A second later, she left this comment: “I don’t mean the yoga om, obviously. It’s a typo. Mom.” I thought that was a very cute mom moment, and I had to share!

Funny how both of my parents showed up in this post. Have you received any useful/funny parental or family input this week?

20 thoughts on “Sprinkles, icing, and parental advice

  1. Chocolate-Covered Katie says:

    Ugh, Sarah I am so sorry. I messed up the link to your post, but I fixed it immediately… but TWO hours later, google reader STILL hasn’t updated my post!!! I’m getting really annoyed with google reader, especially since your amazing breakfast creation was so awesome and everyone should know about it!!


  2. doghillkitchen says:

    Yum, I think the brown food in this post looks quite appetizing. Especially the things with cream cheese icing in them. No words of wisdom from my parents this week though my mom was a nice sympathetic ear yesterday.


  3. carolinebee says:

    haha OM…i LOVE when my mom thinks of funny things like that, i feel like she’s very proud of herself when she does 😀 My parents don’t comment on mine but they totally read it and send me texts about it..or the best is- buy me specific plates or food to put on it! AND my stepdad texted me yesterday to ask when an avocado is best to use, and how to use it, b/c he’s trying to eat a lil “healthier”…HOW cute is that :D!!?!


  4. snackface says:

    Why do I never remember to make that froyo? Oh well, someday! My mom gives me advice all the time, I can’t keep track of it all. She never fails to crack me up!


  5. Becca A says:

    Haha, my ‘rents said similar things in the early days of my blog about my oats…something along the lines of adding something to the top of my oats so it either didn’t look like dog puke or the lonely dollop of yogurt didn’t look like spit…aah parents.

    Actually, they seem to be getting more annoying as I get closer to leaving for school. They say I’m getting more bitchy (I think I’m acting the same). I think we’re all just adjusting.


  6. luckytastebuds says:

    ooooh what does an “asian patty” taste like?!?!?! I’m so curious and now I wanna try one too if your verdict is YUMMYYY!!

    Hmm I didn’t get any interesting advice from the parents this week. the time difference (they’re in Hong Kong) and the price of long distance calls doesn’t allow for too much contact 😦 but i’m coping. pooo


  7. Danielle says:

    Ha parents are so funny, when we were planning our family vacation my dad said something like, and you have to figure out what you want to do about food while we’re away, and the blog. I told him i’m sure there’d be plenty of healthy food in NC, then he called to tell me the house he rented has wireless so I can still post.
    It’s nice really but sometimes I think my parents think more about my blog then they do.


  8. verbalriot says:

    My mom told me to “eff homework and go out.” I mean, you know something’s wrong with you if your mom tells you to eff homework…

    GREAT eats, as always…Are you coming to the blogger brunch by any chance?


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