Restaurant adventure; kitchen misadventure

As mentioned before, I was about 40 minutes late to yesterday’s lunch. Ack! I am generally such a prompt person that I was almost in physical pain watching the minutes tick by as I waited for trains and connections and door malfunctions. But the crew patiently waited for me, even though it meant we didn’t eat until nearly 3:30!


Seven of us from college met for this linner because Rooms and Elise were in town for the weekend from DC and Pamela came up from Delaware. Of course, the typical Brooklyn four were in tow: Gina, Kate, Kareen, and me.

In honor of Pam’s vegan-ness, we met at Angelica Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in the East Village that invests in sustainable, local agriculture whenever possible. For my full review of the restaurant — including everyone’s meals! — check under the Reviews tab or right here. For this post, I’m going to stick specifically to what I ate to keep things from getting out of hand. There was a lot of food going around!

I started with a bite of Pamela’s whole grain bread and its accompanying carrot-ginger spread. This bread was delicious, moist, and filling. If you look closely, you can even see the individual grains:


I had a couple more bites, too, as the meal wore on.

Side note: You may be wondering how I was not ravenous by 3:30 after running 9 miles and buring 850 calories three whole hours earlier? The answer is easy: I made up my calorie deficit in advance of the run with all of my wild shenanigans on Friday! I was worried I might never be hungry again, but some pangs did start to kick in just as the food arrived, phew.

I can confidently say that my meal was the best out of everyone’s! I ordered Man of Lemon-cha: charmoula baked tempeh with cilantro, cinnamon, lemon, paprika, cayenne, and cumin; served with cashew-orange sauce and a millet-teff mix; accompanied by minted cucumber spears, roasted sweet potatoes, and green beans.


Oh. my. goodness. Everything about this meal was a success!! Perfect flavors, textures, portions everything :-D .

Plus, how can you go wrong with these little guys?


In the words of the famous VeggieGirl, “SWEET POTATO!!!”

I had a couple little samples and bites of the other girls’ dishes — again, you can see them in full on the reviews page — including two bites of this yummy sweet cornbread Rooms ordered:


For dessert, Pamela, Kate, and I split two cakes between the three of us.

First was the coconut cheesecake with coconut crust and carob sauce:


We all agreed that the bites with carob sauce were the best! I loved the thick crust, but I was not crazy about the overly gelatinous filling.

Second was the vanilla layer cake with strawberry filling and hazelnut frosting:


We all loved this cake! Especially the hazelnut frosting:


I definitely made sure that no crumbs were left lingering on the dessert plates :-).

Dinner last night was the rest of Wednesday’s packed lunch, finally! I wasn’t sure that I would even get hungry again, but I did … and my leftover lunch portions offered the perfect satisfaction. I heated the cup of spinach-chickpea dal, topped it with two spoonfuls of plain yogurt, and spinkled extra cayenne, cinnamon, and cardamom:


Dessert was my last serving of “pumpkin plus” yogurt. I froyo-ed it and topped it with a some chopped date pieces:


I also had a failed basil-spice meringue kiss:


It tasted yummy, but I can’t hide the fact that something went terrible wrong in the baking process. I’ve made meringues before with a similar technique, but somehow all the sugar actually melted out of the poofy meringues while they were in the oven, resulting in trails of “caramel” all over the parchment and some seriously deflated kisses! Before and after:



This was going to be my BSI: Basil entry, but oh well. You win some, you lose some!

What have you won this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Restaurant adventure; kitchen misadventure

  1. Becca A says:

    Sounds like an interesting meal! Great sounding BSI attempt even if it didn’t turn out as planned! I’ve been too all over the place this week to really think up something worth trying (or thatI haven’t basically done before).


  2. snackface says:

    That lunch sounds incredible! Sorry about that baking gone awry. At least the flavah was there! I tried to make macaroons once, but something went very wrong (I shouldnt have added choc. chips), and I was home alone. Embarassed and not wanting the roomie to see my baking failure, I quickly threw everything away. What have I won this weekend? Um, nothing. Can you “win” beautiful weather?


  3. luckytastebuds says:

    i am So intruiged by your pumpkin dessert I really would love to know how you managed to fro-yo it!! What does that mean?!?!? Becuause i wanna do that to mine too!! πŸ™‚

    Dinner looks so yummy it totally could have been one of the dishes from the lunch restaurant!!! Your weekend is so fun!! I haven’t won anything, but then again, I never do. ahahah so i’m at peace with that fact.


  4. Dori says:

    THE CAKES! Okay first of all I have been craving cheesecake since I saw someone get a huge piece yesterday and read it on Missy’s blog that she had some — but yours looks out of this world! I never even new carob sauce existed in this universe and nowi MUST have it. And the other cake — anything with hazelnut has my heart. Angelica Kitchen, huh… I want to go to there.


  5. Sweetie Pie says:

    (((Your Pumpkinny Dessert)))!

    I like your BSI idea. How weird! At least they taste yummy. That’s all that matters anyway!


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