That’s what my oven sounded like all night last night!Β  I’ve had so many kitchen adventures in the past 12 hours, and they’re all starting to pile up on me. Here’s a long and time-consuming quick recap.

I baked my BSI: Strawberries entry (recipe to come soon) yesterday afternoon and had to taste-test half of one right out of the oven:

Mmmm, I have so many ideas for how to incorporate these into my meals/desserts! I also had plenty of the batter while mixing. The batter may have even tasted better than the finished product πŸ™‚

Next, I tried my first ever RiceWorks brown rice chip in Sea Salt flavor while I packed tomorrow’s lunch — it was tasty enough, but I probably wouldn’t ever spend money on a bag of these (I got the bag for free with a coupon).


Dinner last night was all courtesy of my trusty oven. I slathered half a block’s worth of tofu slices with Country Bob’s all-purpose sauce and baked until crispy. I had half of the tofu I cooked with half of a grilled portalbello mushroom cap that roommate Tara asked me to take care of for her before it went bad (the other half of each will make an appearance in my lunch later today … I think), quartered and roasted brussels sprouts, a few salvageable chunks of Brigitte’s romaine from the crisper, and a sprinkle of my homemade parmesan

Blackened edges are my favorite!


Dessert was a compilation of treats. I toasted the end slice of Brigitte’s gram’s zucchini bread and topped it with 2 tbsp chocolate mousse and 2 chopped strawberries.


On the side I had the other half of my BSI: Strawberries creation.

How rich does this look?? (And it tasted even richer!)


Oh, and remember when I conceded defeat to my cuisinart mini-prep plus when all it gave me was nut dust (delicious nut dust, to be fair) instead of the butter I was after?? Reading Heather’s post last night got me inspired to try again. I roasted up a load of cashews and almonds and threw them back into the processor — this time for nearly 10 minutes (I had to hold the button down the whole time because that’s how fancy my kitchen appliances are), as per Heather’s instructions — and it actually worked!! Look at the creamy nut butteryness:


Thank you, Heather, for helping me emerge victorious from the food processor battle. Never again will I pay too much money for nut butter that cannot possibly compare to homemade.

I had to try some right away on top of a date. I swear there’s a date hiding somewhere under there. (And yes, you still see some nut dust — it’s from the side of the processor bowl that I obviously scraped clean before washing because crumbs are not allowed to go down the drain.)


And I probably also had a small spoonful of vanilla ice cream with a chopped Hershey’s Kiss right before I went to bed …

Today’s biggest news is that, oh my goodness, I have giveaways coming out of my ears! A rundown:

  1. Click here if you like donuts because Food Snob has two dozen of them!
  2. And click here if you’re hangry because you’re out of juice and want to be able to make your own.
  3. Click here if you’re feeling short on southern charm (or if you just really like New Orleans cuisine).
  4. Click here if you’re into granola customization (and who isn’t?).
  5. Click here if you love seasonal produce, especially of the sort that means spring is here!!
  6. And finally, click here if you are not opposed to birthdays and chocolate

Phewwwww, I’m ready to go back to bed after explaining all of that! But, alas, it is time to go to work :-). I’ll be back later with breakfast, a workout, and potentially some surprise food encounters.

How have your kitchen appliances come through for YOU?

16 thoughts on “Buzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Meghann says:

    I still don’t think my food processor would produce nut butter for me. It was less then $10 from Target, not high class by any means. But for somereason your story may have inspired me to give it a try. Cross your fingers!


  2. Heather Eats Almond Butter says:

    So so glad you gave it another go…are you sure there was a date under all that nut butter? πŸ™‚

    Your strawberry creation, chocolate mousse, blackened edges…EVERYTHING looks amazing. Heck, even that rice chip is looking really good right now…can you tell I’m hungry? Yeah, I think it’s time for breakfast.

    PS – Crumbs are not allowed in my drain either!

    PPS – Thanks for the shout-out.


  3. Krista says:

    I CAN NOT wait to see your BSI recipe! You make great stuff, as I can atest to!!!

    I don’t mind the Rice Works chips either, but agree that they are costly. My kids adore them so I buy a bag every now and then and protion it out for their lunches….

    Have a great day!


  4. Danielle says:

    I think I’ll need to try making my own nut butter! You’ve definitely inpsired me, although I don’t have a food processor, just a magic bullet, do you think it would work in there?


  5. fitforfree says:

    That roasted tofu/veggie dinner looks awesome. Every time I roast anything in the oven, Sonny (even though he won’t eat most cooked veggies) says “ooooh, I smell char!! it’s making me hungry!”

    My kitchen appliances have no choice but to come through for me because I’m too cheap to replace any of them!


  6. eatinnyc says:

    I don’t know if I am worthy of sitting at the same table as you tomorrow night. you put my microwavable entrees to SHAME. It’s scary. And I think they put crack in country bob’s. I tried it last night and then started pouring it on my fingers to eat it…is that considered normal behavior? Can you bring other recipes/uses besides “fingertips” to the meet up?…


  7. snackface says:

    Awesome looking nut butter! I’m thinking my ancient blender is not going to pull through for that. I’m terrified to try. Onto today’s Q: the old gas oven I use ALWAYS produces the best baked sweet tater half moons. And I want that dessert plate πŸ™‚


  8. Dori says:

    YOUR DESSERT. Wow. Once again I am reading your blog while waiting for my dinner to arrive and my stomach is making loud sounds. ALl because of your amazing looking food!


  9. janie says:

    i just found your blog… and off the bat i have to say, OH MY GAWWDDD, your PICTURES are AMAZING!!! really some of/if not THE best i’ve ever seen!


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