Belly respect

Usually, I try to hold out on eating until the very very end of class because I want my lunch to carry me through until I can get home — especially if I have to stay at school a little bit later. Today, however, I knew I’d be leaving right at 1pm and coming home for a run. I’ve been reading Intuitive Eating, and I decided to take the authors’ advice and “honor my hunger” even though it came earlier than normal.

I started at 11:15 with 2 tbsp homemade guac and my last 2 Kavli crispy thin crackers:


I waited a few, but the hunger was still around. I broke into part two at 11:30. It might make you gag even though it was delicious, so skip on ahead if odd food combos make you ill. Last night, I scrambled an egg yolk left from making the basil-spice meringue kisses with a sweet ‘n’ spicy black bean-salmon patty and frozen peas! I also mixed in half of a chopped apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


I ate it cold in class … because I was in class. It was strangely satisfying, and I wanted more when I finished. But there was no more!

And 15 minutes later, I was onto the yogurt — same mix as yesterday with chopped pear, chopped banana, nutmeg, and golean crunch:


At 12:02, I honored my real dessert craving with a chocolate heart:


Normally, having an entire hour left of class with no food to keep me busy would make me restless to no end, but I felt so comfortable that I was able to be more focused on the discussion than I usually am. I think I will start honoring my hunger when it happens more often :-D.

When I got home at 2, I stovetop-popped a single serving bag (rescued from work!) of microwave kettle corn and sprinkled it with cinnamon and cayenne:


Mmmmmm, kettle corn is amazing.

I had a couple bites of yogurt and granola while packing lunch for tomorrow, and then I decided to get some errands taken care off on this rare free afternoon.Β  I ran the long way to the grocery store — approx 4 miles out of the way around the park, to be exact. This run was perfect — it was mid-40s, sunny, not a cloud in sight, and I just enjoyed the weather and being out among the living in the middle of the day! I spent most of the run thinking up ideas for this week’s BSI: Strawberries, and I ended up going way faster than normal. I’m so glad I changed my mind about forcing a run this morning when I knew I hadn’t had enough sleep! Stats: 4.28 miles, 42 minutes, 367 calories, average heart rate 157, max 173.

Groceries included a gallon of milk, 3 lbs apples, strawberries, asparagus, brussels sprouts, avocado:


Grocery Total: $15.57

I’ve been having a lazy afternoon/evening of cooking and baking (nibbling all the way of course), and I’ll be getting around to some dinner eventually … along with an on-time bedtime, wooooooooooot πŸ˜€

How did you honor your hunger today?

10 thoughts on “Belly respect

  1. innerwellness says:

    What an interesting lunch combination! I honored my hunger with delicious pancakes this morning, and I didn’t feel well later this afternoon so I skipped my usual afternoon snack which, in my opinion, is honoring my hunger just as well as feeding it! πŸ™‚


  2. snackface says:

    I have been evil and then too kind to my hunger today. I waited too long to eat and got a headache, ate some crap, got hungry again, had a mexican feast, and now im not hungry, but in an eating mood. I think I’ve stopped for the night though.


  3. dailydulcie says:

    i love your odd food combo.. so intriguing!!!

    yes i did honor my hunger today and gave myself a wonderful treat of baskin robbins ice cream!!

    πŸ™‚ have a great night!


  4. fitforfree says:

    Yayyyy for honoring your hunger!!! I think your “odd” lunch combo. sounds like the perfect sweet/salty mix πŸ™‚

    I honored my hunger by having breakfast at 6:30 instead of 8 πŸ™‚


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