Food business

Today was relatively calm on the food front — a rare occurrence! — because most of my coworkers spent the afternoon in a workshop. I was so busy catching up on paperwork this morning that I didn’t even notice I was hungry until around 12:30!

For lunch, I finished up all of the food I had collected on Monday: Inginia’s mac & cheese, Vianni’s fried rice, and my mixed-grain salad.


On the side, I had my last cup of roasted veggies from Friday night‘s collection:


Also on Monday, a mom brought me this fancy mango yogurt smoothie drink.


I’m definitely a plain yogurt girl and find the flavored ones too sweet, but I wasn’t about to turn down good nutrition, added sugar or not! I mixed half of the shake with half of the plain yogurt I had packed and topped it with 1/4 chopped apple and 1 tbsp vanilla almond granola.


It was delicious, and I have another identical yogurt combo waiting in the work fridge for lunchtime on Friday :-).

Dessert was a piece of chocolate chip blondie and a piece of oat-and-jam bar, also from the event last Friday night:


When I finished with my visits later in the afternoon, I enjoyed another 1/3 cup of asparagus-guac with a serving of riceworks:


This asparagus guacamole is great! It keeps really well (no browning whatsoever), and I can barely tell that it’s not all avocado! This batch is a little bit on the bland side, but that’s only because I took the shortcut route and mixed it with jarred salsa instead of fresh stuff. Next time!

I also had two fig newtons from Nydia with a spoonful of vanilla frosting left from all of the cake excitement this week. Far be it for me to let a jar of frosting languish …


And I ended the day with this Bomba Acida from Belkis’ candy jar. It wasn’t sour at first, but I’m a candy-biter — and WHOA did I get a shock when I bit into the middle of this one!


The middle was filled with some extremely sour liquid — my eyes actually started tearing! But I crunched through until the whole thing was successfully ingested, of course.

I’m so pleased with how all of the food I’ve gathered this week lasted exactly through today. The work fridge has been full of my leftovers all week, and now it’s not. Perfect timing since I won’t be there tomorrow (class day). Thanks to all my food contributors!

I also picked up yet another load of overflow food bank donations as I left the office at the end of the day … but you’ll have to wait until my next post for those!

Obviously, food maintenance is my favorite and most satisfying sort of house/office-keeping task. What’s yours?

14 thoughts on “Food business

  1. Melissa says:

    I love all the food you collected. It looks so yummy!! And I love icing!! I could just eat it strait out of the jar!!

    Hmmm, I’m with you. Food maintenance is right up my alley!!

    Happy Thursday and thanks for your comment on my blog!!


  2. FoodsThatFit says:

    I want to pick that chocolate chip right out of that blondie! Oh, I have a weakness for chocolate chip anything! That and pumpkin….

    My favorite house-keeping task is vacuuming. I swear I have a bit of OCD, but a clean floor totally makes me happy!

    Oh, and the eating and cooking part as well πŸ™‚ Of course!


  3. Becca A says:

    Outside of cooking/baking/food shopping I’m fairly useless with chore type things. I can organize well but things have to start falling on me to get me to do it.


  4. snackface says:

    I love your skillz to make things streatch. I’d say my favorite housekeeping task is having everything organized and uncluttered. I feel anxious when there is too much stuff lying about the house. I’m also extremely satisfied when I’ve finished all the readings, writings and school-related tasks that I need to finish. That makes me elated.


  5. Yasmin says:

    Have you heard that expression “the calm before the storm”? Hopefully there won’t be a storm at work. I love organizing my food, clothes, and washing dishes (therapeutic for me).


  6. Danielle says:

    Very clever to mix the yogurts!
    I bet that tasted really good.
    At home I’m famous for scrubbing down the kitchen constantly, I’m so wary of germs I’m constantly scrubbing the counters and cabinets.


  7. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    I guess I do a lot of food related stuff – my brain likes to come up with new uses for stuff I already have so that I minimize new purchases – you can identify I’m sure. One thing I do not have in the house is frosting, and that makes me sad right now, haha. πŸ™‚


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