Odds ‘n’ Stems

After plugplugplugging away at the oven all afternoon, I understandably had to do quite a bit of taste-testing. [Envision lots of “broken” cookie pieces and maybe two Hershey’s kisses flying into my mouth here].

Dinner was a fun combo of things I’ve collected in my fridge over the week. More steamed collard greens stems topped with the mixed-grain salad I made last weekend:


And a slice of pumpernickel baguette toast with cinnamon-cayenne pb and 1.5 pieces soy-lime coco loco tofu, all roasted together for perfect meltiness achievement:


Group photo:


Dessert evolved in much the same fashion with a mix of collected food and a mix of homemade food. Pieces of pumpkin loaf, lemon poppyseed loaf, and chocolate rugelach from the book signing Friday night:


And a bit of “fondue” action with chocolate mousse and lemon curd:


Mmmmm, the pumpkin bread in the lemon curd and the lemon bread in the chocolate mousse = brilliant flavor explosion!


SUCH a fan of the lemon curd for breakfast AND dinner :-D. I’m already excited to eat it in a new way tomorrow morning. In fact, by the time this post is up, I may even be dreaming about it. Yay, forbidden foods!

Also, here’s another fun granola giveaway for you to enter at Apple A Day.

What do you think of to help you fall asleep?

15 thoughts on “Odds ‘n’ Stems

  1. Lara says:

    Wow, that tofu looks and sounds really good!
    This is probably sad but I tend to think about food to get me to sleep. It doesn’t stress me out (like thinking of my to-do list does), and I feel good planning what I’ll eat the next day. Hmm…is that compulsive? haha. I think it’s a comfort thing.


  2. brandi says:

    i want all of your food, as usual.

    I have lots of trouble falling asleep – I take melatonin for that very reason, and usually fall asleep while watching Foodnetwork. oops 🙂


  3. Haleigh says:

    Your food looks amazing! Especially that dessert! I usually have some herbal tea before I go to bed and just try to think about nothing except drinking my tea and it helps me go to sleep faster 🙂


  4. dailydulcie says:

    What a great dinner & dessert!!!

    I usually think of something that is coming up soon that I’m excited about!! ..a trip with friends, a holiday, a family gathering, going out to dinner.. things like that


  5. Vani says:

    Sometimes I think about breakfast! Or a hot cup of coffee 🙂 love your lemon curd uses!! I never thought chocolate+lemon would be a good combo, but I do love orange chocolate, so I understand the appeal of citrus+chocolate . . .


  6. Danielle says:

    Oh my gosh your dinner, and dessert are making my mouth water!
    I know this is so cliche but when I really can’t fall asleep I count sleep, it really does help, so weird.
    There’s something for you on my blog today!


  7. Meghann says:

    Love your ‘fondue’ with the chocolate moouse and lemon curd. So glad you finding wonderful uses for your lemon curd, its giving me ideas of what to do with mine 🙂


  8. carolinebee says:

    I LOOOVE lemon poppy seed muffins/bread…mmm opium 😀 I usually think about breakfast! Or what I’m gonna wear the next day, or do…or Microbio- then I’m out for sure!


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