Weekend remainders

More photos from yesterday

Taken by photographer/organizer extraordinaire Melissa: Ashley (reader), me,
Dori, Missy, Danielle, Ashley, Gena (the Raw Foodist and soon-to-be-blogger), Mark, Heather, Shane, Emily, Amelia, Vani, Olga


And waiting in the subway station with Vani and Emily, my fellow slopers:


I eventually got around to another salad-infused dinner last night and finished up the contributions that I got from Inginia and Nydia Friday at work.


This salad had greens, peppers, cranberries, corn, garlic-lemon juice, goat cheese, strawberries, roast chicken, s&p, and a drizzle of Annie’s Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette:


Dessert came in the form of another salad!


This combo of fruits made me feel like I was in Costa Rica, sigh. My fruit salad contained pineapple, mango, plum, grapes, strawberries, orange, and banana. I topped it with a mix of plain yogurt, lemon curd, and cinnamon. Plus a sprinkle of coconut and vanilla-almond granola because I couldn’t stop.

And yes, I did balance the bowl on the TV so that I could capture the last whimpers of natural sunlight for the day:


I cooked a few things for the week (and nibbled on them, too, obv), including the latest oatmeal which will be along in my breakfast shortly!

Did you make any new friends this weekend?

17 thoughts on “Weekend remainders

  1. Leanne says:

    No new friends for me this weekend lol… I’m jealous of all of these blogger meet-ups I keep reading about though! Sooner or later I will find a way to get in on one.

    Do you like that Annie’s gingerly dressing? I love Annie’s dressings, but I’m always scared to buy new kinds before I taste them. I’m not a fan of the balsamic vinaigrette, but I LOVE the goddess!


  2. Anna says:

    I actually did make some new friends this weekend: boys on the soccer team who are just so fun to party with. My mother would be so proud…

    Your meet-up looks awesome!


  3. Krista says:

    Great salads!

    I’m always looking for some natural light, too! Sometimes I set me plate/bowl on the floor in front of my sliding doors to the patio to get some light!! 🙂


  4. Sweetie Pie says:

    What fun, and what a salad!!!

    I made a new friend this weekend while surviving a first date. Otherwise, things were pretty low key.


  5. snackface says:

    Oh my salads! I love both the dinner and dessert versions. Umm, I don’t think I made any friends this weekend. I refreshed my friendship with DVR, but that’s about it.


  6. Erin says:

    Just catching up on yours posts, what a fun and lovely food filled few days you’ve had! I love strawberries in salad, I just remembered that a few days ago. yummy.
    And a belated congratulations to accidentally running 10 miles! Amazing!
    You give me hope, since I sound like the kid you describe yourself as. Gym class was a horribly frightening time!


  7. AnAppleADay says:

    no sadly I didn’t get to make any new friends! I seriously wish I could live in NYC just so that I could meet you and other wonderful blogger… but then i live all the away across in CA….
    but of course I prefer CA weather. hahah 😛


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