Whirligig + reviews

Ahhhhhh, I haven’t stopped moving all day. My commenting and replying are temporarily on hiatus as I try to climb over this mountain of work. I will catch up on everything ASAP, I promise!

And by the way, every single one of the selections you’re submitting for the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway is making me drool. If only I could afford the whole line of products …. Keep those wish lists coming!

Breakfast feels like it happened about 10 years ago, but I’m pretty sure it was delicious:


I hope you can see the striking resemblance to a black and white cookie because that’s what I was going for:


The “white” contained 1/2 cup Healthy Cream Cheese Icing topped with unsweetened shredded coconut. The “black” contained 1 cup protein porridge mixed with 2 tbsp raw chocolate mousse, 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, and 2 tbsp PB2 powder — topped with Hershey’s Kiss shavings and a hefty spoonful of extra dark cashew-almond butter:


The cashew-almond butter is delicious, but I keep expecting it to taste like chocolate fudge (even though I’m the one who made it!) because it is SO dark.

Oh, by the way, today is April Fools Day, if you did not get the memo! I clearly hadn’t gotten it at 7am because my dad (of the no-brown-foods and almost-birthed-you-in-the-Dining-Room fame) got me with a trick for, ohh, the 27th year in a row. You’d think I would have caught on by now! This time, he emailed to tell me that something was wrong with the blog because every time he typed in the address, Kristie’s blog popped up instead! I replied that he must be mistaken and maybe he had accidentally clicked on one of her comments? It never even crossed my mind that this could be a trick. He’s so good at getting in there with something subtle and just believable enough!

picture-425Anyway, that breakfast kept me so full all morning (as it should have — holy protein plus no cardio in days!) that I didn’t even need my typical morning snack. Plus, I was racing around crazily what with my visits and work to make up from Monday. My “injury” was kind of giving me a lot of pain today — I think I overdid it with the hobnobbing around town last night plus the nonstop visits today that required loads of traversing East Harlem from end to end on foot.

In lieu of a snack, I opened a pack of Newman’s Own Ginger Mints and maybe ate 4-5 over the course of the day. Again, they’re not sugar-free, but neither are the seven pieces of candy I usually swipe from Belkis’ candy jar on a daily basis. This seems like a healthier alternative … plus I love ginger, and these ginger mints taste like the root itself has been shaved right into the mix!

Lunch was a repeat of what I had yesterday: collard greens and baked beans from Monday and Myrna’s rice and salad from yesterday.


The whole early childhood department at my office ate lunch together today in honor of April Fools, so I also got to try some coconut water and a big hunk of fresh coconut meat from Jessica:


Mmm, it was tasty!

Next, I enlisted the captive audience in helping me with more product reviews. First up:


Rosey said:

I like the chocolate on the outside, but I don’t like the caramel. And I usually like caramel.

I had to try one for myself, obviously:


I thought it was delicious, but I tend to not be all that picky when it comes to chocolate and caramel!



Sarah (the other one) said:

Oh, wow! This is different from Reese’s. It actually tastes like real, creamy peanut butter inside. I like it.

Sarah ran out and gave one to Erik in Environmental to try. He said:

Holy sh**!! This is amazing.

I tried one, too (obviously again):


I second the other reviewers’ sentiments. I’m not going to judge when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter!



This review needs no words, as Heather and the baby are clearly in ecstasy. Just to bring the point home, Heather said:

These are good. They are a good chocolate-y dessert.

Rosey and Jessica said:

They taste like shortbread cookies with chocolate in them.

Sister Suzanne said:

I like them because they’re not too sweet.

Sarah (the other one) added:

Yes, a good snack treat.

I ate four.


To me, they tasted like the cookie part of an Oreo. Again, not going to complain!

Immediately following lunch, I raced across el barrio for my 2pm visit. I ended up staying a little late because the mom needed help with something, so I decided to bus it back to the center to make my 3:30. I had to run to catch the bus. OWWWWW. And I was still 10 minutes for the session!

I had my “morning snack” of fruit salad (the end of it), yogurt + ricotta + lemon curd, and granola at 4:30.


Quickly followed by an orange:


As I mentioned earlier, I brought in the leftover risotto and lamb from last night to share with everyone at lunch, but there was still quite a bit left at the end of the day. I shot a quick email to Gina and Kate (with whom I had to break dinner plans last night for the event) to see if they’d be interested in an impromptu dinner party of leftovers. Gina couldn’t make it, but Kate was up for the re-enactment challenge which will be coming soon (as in sometime tomorrow) to a blog near you (ummm, this one).

The week is halfway done. Are you running behind, ahead, or right on schedule?

(And you know I’m going to keep reminding you about the Bob’s Red Mill giveaway in every post until Sunday!)

18 thoughts on “Whirligig + reviews

  1. Vani says:

    Love the reviews 🙂 And the b&w protein porridge cookie! And the ginger mints sound wonderful! Yum yum.

    I am running behind!!!!!


  2. dailydulcie says:

    Thanks for the lovely reviews! I need to get some of those peanut butter cups.. Mmm I’m addicted to chocolate and peanut butter.

    You’re breakfast looks SO FREAKIN AMAZING! I love how it resembles a black and white cookie. YUMMO!

    I feel as if I am running behind this week in everything.. UGH!


  3. Kailey (SnackFace) says:

    I’m so sorry and bummed that I’ve just caught up on so many of your posts just now. I’m bummed that I’ve been missing out! I cannot believe those amazing leftovers you got!!! I’m always afraid to ask for everything and anything, so I love your reminder!

    This morning’s breakfast is outstanding. I used to love black and white cookies. I felt grown up eating them. And then I realized grown ups don’t really eat cookies that have a 5″ diameter.

    Such great reviews! I be needin them cups now. And for the Q… I am running BEHIND. Starting a new class load is always so stressful! I’m already behind on 100s of pages of reading. Have a great Thursday!


  4. Melinda says:

    lovin’ the reviews!! i’ve never tried Newman’s Own products, but i see them everywhere. And I agree, who can complain about chocolate, PB, and caramel?!


  5. coco says:

    oh…dear… your black and white breakfast took my eyes out!!!!! 😀 it’s scrumptious!!!! You should write the recipe of it in the recipe page..so we can recreate it easily!!!! It looks incredibly!!! seriously!!!


  6. VeggieGirl says:

    It DOES look like a quintessential Black & White cookie!! Love it 🙂

    Great, fun reviews!!

    Sorry about the trick, haha 😉

    I’m SUPER BUSY AS ALWAYS!!! Ahh!!!! **deep breaths**


  7. Lara says:

    That B&W sounds amazing. Thanks for linking to your healthy cream cheese frosting–I’m going to give that a try the next time I make carrot cake!!


  8. carolinebee says:

    The B and W cookie!! A CLASSIC seinfeld ep 😀 OMG your post last night was amazing, heather is a saint, no?? Psh..she probably just called you b/c you’re long lost twins right?? Hope you’re feeling better, stop galavanting around town ;D!


  9. Heather Eats Almond Butter says:

    That breakfast…I have no words to describe how much I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW! You’re killing me and my mid-afternoon sweet tooth, especially with all those Newman’s goodies. I always liked the cooke part of the Oreo the best!

    Sarah, sorry your injury is still bothering you. Just keep resting. It WILL heal my friend…promise. 🙂


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