Bits ‘n’ pieces


I’ve got to say that I’m feeling the lack of exercise this week. The regular cheery Sarah keeps disappearing! Maybe there really is something to that whole endorphins thing 😛

I got up at 7:30 this morning (because Thursday is my leisurely class day) and worked for two straight hours on some work homework that was supposed to be done yesterday, ack! At 9:30, I realized I had to leave for class in 30 minutes, so I heated breakfast and got ready fast fast fast.


Breakfast today was the same protein porridge mix I had on Monday, with apples and bananas mixed in, yogurt on the side, and PB2 poured over the top:




Since I ate that around 10, moments before I walked out the door, I didn’t bother bringing a full lunch to class — just a couple snackies to get me through.

Chopped apple and spices on the bottom with lemon curd + healthy cream cheese icing and golean crunch on the top:


And a chocolate chip Z-bar:


I also finished a sleeve of my Newman’s Ginger Mints when I was bored during class. They set my mouth on fire, but I liked it!

On my way home from the subway station, I stopped into Ladybird for a sample of carrot muffin:


(It was so sunny out!)

Lunch main course was an entire plate full of the fancy apps from last night’s re-enactment:


(That’s a lot of tuna I think. I don’t mess around.)


There’s still a ton of tuna left, so I bit the bullet and put the whole container in the freezer. It’s half raw anyway, so I figure it will freeze fine, and I can just cook it all the way through when I’m ready to use it again.

I had way more work homework to do, and I comforted myself about that by finishing the bag of white cheddar soy crisps:


With salsa:


And then some Newman’s Own Organics dried berries, apricots, and prunes:


Once again, who knew Newman’s made dried fruit?? I thought it was all salad dressings and Ginger-Os!

I also had half a chocolate rugelach and a piece of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from the freezer cookie bag:


Two more hours later, I had finally gotten all my work done. I struck out to do some errands. Obviously, I stopped into Union Market while out to have sample gouda and cheddar cheese cubes and these sample pieces of pecan pie and fudge pie:


When I got home, I prepped food for tomorrow, which meant more bites of protein porridge, yogurt, cream cheese icing, fruit, baked beans, etc.

Finally, I was able to settle down for a(nother) nice little desserty treat:


A scoop of healthy cream cheese icing “ice cream,” a scoop of raw chocolate mousse “ice cream,” hot apple topping, a sprinkling of pb2 powder, and graham cracker crumbs.


Mmmmm. I’m so sleepy. I hope I can go to bed soon!

Does your mood change when you’re not working out?

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24 thoughts on “Bits ‘n’ pieces

  1. Jessica says:

    Since I’m technically not “aloud” to work out right now, I can’t really say much…..but when I used to several times a week, I was immediately more energized and peppy after a nice sweaty workout sesh!! 😀 haha!

    And can i buy that icing from you!?! or get the recipe….i do not know sarah, but I need it!

    The chips + salsa, your breakfast, your dessert, afternoon snacks…ahh it all looks so good!


  2. Vani says:

    My mood definitely changes! I feel much more optimistic about everything when I’ve had a good workout. And get very cranky when I have energy that needs to be expended.

    I’m jealous that you got some sunshine today – I didn’t get “let out of my cage” at work all day!


  3. broccolihut says:

    Heck yes my mood changes–I get quite crotchety. I need my run to blow off steam, I guess.

    PS I linked to your giveaway on my post yesterday!


  4. coco says:

    I get bad mood when I don’t exercise regularly or not cheer up much. But I think it’s more for psychological reason than physical, you know, the guilty feeling that we all get. Of course, if i’m under stress, not working out makes thing worse, since that’s the most stress relieving activity.
    Jealous of your eats, so many goodies, so many dessert! 😀


  5. alexa says:

    I am quite unpleasant to be arouind if I’m not able to get *some* kind of activity every day. So I consider it an act of humanitarianism to get a good workout in 🙂
    My injury isn’t healing as quicky as I’d like….I sure hope yours is feeling better!


  6. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    Dessert looks sooo good. You have such great healthy substitutes!

    I never used to but I have been noticing lately that working out does affect my mood. Everything seems to be more do-able–I have more coping skills if I’ve released some tension! Now, if only I could remember that feeling when I don’t want to workout!


  7. brandi says:

    eh…my mood changes all the time, but yes, especially when dealing with working out. I don’t know what it is! Even when I have a bad run, I still feel better afterwards.


  8. Erin says:

    I often feel more sluggish if I don’t work out. I almost always feel better if i get a work out in but sometimes its just not in the cards! I’ve been using your “expansion” phrase a lot this week as I haven’t been working out and have been eating very strangely!


  9. Sweetie Pie says:

    Sometimes I have a lot of pent up energy when I don’t work out. Other times it makes me sluggish. Either way, I can always tell when I haven’t had a good session of exercise.

    Fudge pie? Oh my!!


  10. Kate says:

    I’m def. moodier when I don’t workout as much, but I’m also needing more sleep these days, so it’s hard to fit in those AM runs!


  11. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Oh yeah, the working out is a necessary addiction. I don’t think it’s the mood change I notice first so much as an itchy, anxious feeling of needing to move. I get it after sitting at the desk working for a long time. Good thing I drink so much water that I’m getting up to pee like every half hour!


  12. Emily says:

    seriously, how do you eats always look so tasty! even the samples!

    P.S. Apparently I am injured as well, so I also cancelled my Saturday apt. We should all figure out another time that works when everyone is here and healthy.


  13. joggerslife says:

    Oh man…definitely feel the difference when I don’t work out!! I did sprint repeats today at lunch after not running for almost 2 weeks, and I feel so much better today! There definitely IS something to those endorphins…


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