Con dulce, por favor

It’s been another sugary day around these parts!

Someone brought in Whole Foods mini-pumpkin muffins this morning and planted them right on the conference room table (aka an inch away from my desk). These muffins never really tempt me, though, since the ingredient list is right there and sugar is first on it. I always get so disappointed in WF when I see that. I did, however, take up a crumb collection and eat that once all the muffins were gone:


Just before lunch, Myrna came around handing out a fun new food tool to everyone that Tupperware sent her because she started doing Tupperware sales. I had packed the perfect snack to test it out. Just watch the magic here:




Pretty amazing, right? So I’m now the proud new owner of an orange peeler 🙂 I shared some orange and ate the rest:


For lunch, I had another mama creation that came home with me from MA on Sunday: a cup of chicken, kielbasa, and root vegetable casserole.


I also had another bite of Vianni’s tuna noodle salad:


And 1/2 cup of Myrna’s rice and beans:


And pulled a teeny bit of Myrna’s taaaaaaasty saucy chicken off of this bone:


I also had my fruit salad + yogurt + golean crunch (from MA, too — I go grocery shopping in my mom’s fridge at the end of every visit):


img_7938The star of the meal, however, was clearly Mildred’s husband’s habichuela con dulce (a traditional Dominican dessert drink that appears between Ash Wednesday and Easter and that I’ve raved about here and here). I definitely refilled my cup three times. The best comparison I can come up with is that it is like drinking liquid pumpkin pie. In other words, habichuela con dulce is delicious beyond your wildest dreams.

Two of my afternoon visits ended up canceling, so I accompanied Mildred on hers. Both happened to take place in excruciatingly hot apartments. When we finished, Mildred decided that she needed ice cream and that I did, too. Here’s my kiddie scoop of Rocky Road, courtesy of today’s sugar fairy:


Now, I have not had Rocky Road ice cream in forever, and I’ve probably never had it from Baskin Robbins, but I have to say that this was the best Rocky Road I’ve ever had. It was amazingly creamy, and what’s more, the marshmallows were perfect little pockets of fluffiness! Every other time I’ve had Rocky Road, the marshmallows have been so frozen and mixed in that they weren’t even identifiable as such.

Around 3:30, I broke out another of the cheese sticks that mom sent back to NY with me. The m&m mug and I fought over who would get to eat it, but I won of course. It was no contest, really.


In my final sugar hurrah of the work day, I heard Jessica whispering something about chocolate cake from down the hall. I got up to investigate, and she informed me that it was Cleo’s birthday in Preventive and they were struggling with a cake overage. We went upstairs together to assist.


Cake rescued; crisis averted.

Umm, this spoonful of whipped vanilla frosting is on my camera for some reason. I don’t know why? 😛


I got home and prepped a necessarily light dinner of salad, jasmine tea biscotti bites, and leftover almond sunset tea from this morning. Dinner enjoyed the company of my new Easter decorations: a straw bunny from dad and stepmom, a Lindt dark chocolate bunny from step-grandma, and a spread-eagle bunny planter also from step-grandma:


The salad contained lettuce, arugula, 1 tbsp Newman’s dried berry blend, 1 tbsp peanut roasted chickpeas, grated homemade parmesan, and a drizzle of Annie’s lite gingerly vinaigrette:


A few more tbsp of the chickpeas went directly from jar-to-mouth 🙂

What sweet things did you eat today?

27 thoughts on “Con dulce, por favor

  1. verbalriot says:

    I had an amazing piece of baked bread with peanut butter AND chocolate chips! In the process of blogging about it now 🙂

    I also had a bloody orange today! Great minds think alike, it’s really true 😉


  2. Gina says:

    Your mom’s food looks really good! Jealous…I need to start cooking again this week! I only had one mini PB cup and one Hershey kiss so far today (trying to decrease the eating after my crazy weekend), but I feel some more Easter candy may be in store before bedtime!


  3. dailydulcie says:

    I love all the sweets you ate!

    Today I have eaten Cadbury Mini Chocolate Eggs & Chocolate Ice Cream!!! I’m a totally chocolate addict ❤


  4. marafaye says:

    I have an odd obsession with those orange peelers! I’d never seen one before high school and my friend had one… TOTALLY obsessed now! I love the little burst of juice when you scrape the hook side down the orange… ok im weird.


  5. janeexplained says:

    I want to work where you work – you guys have great treats. My awesome sweet of the day was “fake fried ice cream” – I’m posting about it tomorrow. I looove it.


  6. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    Other than my mango odwalla smoothie…..nothing sweet today, so sad! My taste buds are lacking though do to this effing cold, sooooo I’m sure they will be back soon enough!!! I really hope they come back soon because I have 3 different types of coffee flavored chocolate bars my mom sent me for easter that I am dying to try!

    All your sweet treats do look quite delectable though 🙂 I call the rocky road ice cream or chocolate cake!


  7. mom says:

    Here’s the scoop on the boat eggs. When I was a little girl, my parents called them that so that’s how I always knew them. After we split the hot hard boiled eggs in half and they became boats, we slit the yoke a teeny bit and added a small pad of butter which would melt all over the boat, then sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Yummmmm!
    It still is one of my favorites. When Daddy and I got together, he learned to call them boat eggs and it just became part of the family lingo. When you came along, it was just what everybody in the family called them. Now about those broccoli trees – they were called that to entice you.

    Love and hugs – Mom.

    PS. I’m glad you’re enjoying all your treats from home. I seriously swooned today over the Newman’s dark chocolate mint that I thought you graciously and generously left here for me. Oh well! Love Mom.


  8. Alison says:

    What is habichuela con dulce?

    I think someone gave me one of those Tupperware peelers. I never knew what to do with it. Glad to see it demonstrated!

    I had a few more sweet things than I should have today – a few (okay, more than a few) Cadbury mini-eggs, some pineapple and blackberries, a few chocolate chips, and two small chocolate chip cookies at my friend’s Lia Sophia party.


  9. luckytastebuds says:

    mmmmmmmm wha a great day of eats!! So much tasty stuff like the rocky road ice-cream!! Thanks for introducing it to me so now i know what to get when i hit up Baskin!!!

    Honey, I LOVE that orange peeler!! Good for you for getting one!! I thought it was one of those tools you use to clean your teeth for one loooooong moment. hahahah Have a great wednesday girlie!!!


  10. Ashley says:

    Oh wow, you eat so so well. Seriously. I still want some of that tuna salad too. And some the chicken, kielbasa, and veggie casserole. And the vanilla frosting. Oh, I want that the most.

    Such good eats!

    Ok, so my sweet foods for today.. (where do I start!)
    – Pancakes in the morning
    – Leftover Easter chocolate
    – Pudding

    … I think the question should be, what sweet things did I NOT eat today… 🙂


  11. brandi says:

    spread eagle bunny – that’s hilarious 🙂

    I had some dark chocolate with my “tea latte” and it was gREAT! But I would much rather have your ice cream and slice of cake. I haven’t had rocky road in forever.


  12. Vani says:

    I was struggling with an orange yesterday and could’ve used that peeler! (i never have fingernails!)

    sweet eats for today = strawberries, but it’s only 9:30 😉


  13. Erin says:

    Fancy peeler. I like it. I always go grocery shopping at my parent’s house too. It’s the best. 🙂

    I have already had a sweet piece of dark chocolate today!


  14. Erin says:



    I can’t even remember all the ones I wanted to comment on.

    Carrot cake! Cream cheese frosting! Rocky Road!!

    *sighs with jealousy*


  15. Mariposa says:

    i love those peelers! i just started doing tupperware too- good fun! plus its all stuff you can use!

    i am crazy jealous over all the spanish food you get to eat. THE BEST EVER. *sigh*!!!


  16. eatlivelovedream says:

    Wow! I totally forgot they have orange peelers in the world! I remember using those when I was a child. IT brings back memories. I need to go out and buy one. I eat my weight in oranges!


  17. Sweetie Pie says:

    I’m so glad you were able to assist with the cake overage. I think you should have some sort of cape and tights get up for those kinds of rescue situations!! 🙂

    That cake looked so good, and I love the random spoonful of frosting. I wish I had some of that in my fridge! Also, I really want some habichuela con dulce after reading about it on your blog, and I think I might seek some out. I’ll bet there’s some around here someplace. Probably not as good as your friend’s, but still. That sounds like something that I would LOVE!


  18. coco says:

    great day of dulces!!! 😀 and that orange peeler is cute! I need to get one so I don’t get dirty hand every time I eat it.
    dulce for the day? Dark Chocolate Dream PB 😉


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