Happy tears

The hospitality just knows no bounds around these parts!

Check out what was waiting for us when we ambled into the kitchen Saturday morning:


Kristin had arranged an entire tea and coffee display (complete with a “good morning and how-to” note!) to greet us if we woke up before she and Dustin did. I chose a chai tea bag with a bit of skim:


For breakfast, Kristin whipped out a box of Trader Joe’s banana bread mix. She’s so stocked! We mixed banana chunks into the batter and sprinkled slivered almonds over the top because we’re fancy like that. While the bread was baking, I licked the batter:


Kristin then proceeded to make us a beautiful breakfast appetizer plate with expertly arranged cinnamon-sprinkled apples:


And peanut butter!


Oooh, that bread smelled so good coming out of the oven. There’s something about boxed mixes that is just too delicious and addictive!


There were gooey pieces and crispy pieces.


And lots and lots and lots and lots of peanut-butter-covered pieces!


After breakfast, Kristin, Wife, and I took a lovely two hour stroll through a nearby park, greenway, and neighborhood. We saw the prettiest bungalow houses all with rocking chairs comfortably nestled into their wraparound porches. I kept saying I expected little old ladies to pop out and invite us in for sweet tea. Sadly, neither the old ladies nor the sweet tea made an appearance.

Wife and I returned to our “suite” after the walk to start getting ready for the wedding. Mid-prep, Kristin came knocking at the door with a plate in hand: “It’s going to be a while until you guys eat, so I brought you some snacks.”


As you can see, Kristin went all out with these “snacks”! The plate included piping hot mushroom empanadas and onion jam ricotta tarts. I think I had 1.5 of each.


Who thinks Kristin needs to open a bed and breakfast? I do! I’d be first in line for a room.

Also mid-prep, I received an exciting message from Erin Gunn‘s boyfriend Mike: “She said yes!” Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!! Of course, I called Erin immediately and confirmed the engagement news and cried and jumped up and down and flapped my arms around because I was (and am) so happy for her. Congratulations, Erin!

Erin’s engagement news was a good warm-up for Ilin’s wedding, during which I also lost quite a bit of fluid via the ol’ tear ducts. Do you cry at weddings?

I’m off to go to sleep, finally, but I should be back tomorrow with the full wedding recap. In the meantime, go visit Emily at Super Caloric Chalk Dust for a shot at winning her first ever giveaway!

12 thoughts on “Happy tears

  1. Ashley says:

    I wouldn’t admit it generally.. but I love boxed mixes too. Those close-up shots of the banana bread and the peanut butter are just too cruel!

    It sounds like you’re having a fantastic time, and eating some awesome food. Good on you!!

    And onto your question – I’ve only ever been to 1 wedding and it was my friends’ sister who I didn’t really know so I didn’t cry. But when my best friend gets married, or someone really close to me, I’m sure I’ll shed a little tear.


  2. coco says:

    I haven’t been in many weddings and the one that I’ve been was from a coworker of my boyfriend, so I didn’t feel especially related to them. But I guess if it was my friend, I would. šŸ™‚
    nice banana bread!


  3. TorontoGirloutWest says:

    Yaaaayyy for engagements! šŸ˜‰ I just recently got engaged so I’m all about stuff like this!

    And I’ve yet to full out cry at a wedding. Although, I was totally heading towards ugly cry territory at a wedding last September (I was a brides maid) but one of the other maids got me to calm down! LOL


  4. marafaye says:

    UNBELIEVABLE breakfast!!! I want banana bread now… hmmm
    Congrats to Erin!! It’s funny, I used to not cry at weddings, but we’ve been to 2 since we got engaged, and I SOBBED!


  5. Alison says:

    Yummy bread. Even though I hate bananas, I’ve managed to like banana bread.

    I sometimes cry at weddings. I tend to get teary at any situation with heightened emotions. Sometimes even commercials.


  6. Hallie says:

    Now I really want to try that banana bread mix…looks delicious!

    I don’t really cry at weddings…but I hardly cry at sad/sappy movies either. People call me heartless šŸ™‚ but I swear I’m not!


  7. Gina Boland says:

    Congrats, Erin! Sarah, I think you’re gonna end up in the south after grad school after this trip! Maybe you can find a nice rich old lady to house and feed you and make tea all the time, haha!


  8. erin says:

    hey!! i actually have a habit of crying my eyes out at weddings… especially family ones. so i’m sure my wedding day will leave me an absolute wreck. should be great for the pictures. thanks for all the congratulations!!


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