Endless groats and clothing mishaps

Breakfast this morning was more prune groatmeal (could that name get any more appetizing?!) with flax oat bran:


I added a sprinkle of fruit today to pretty things up.


Plus the usual sunflower seed butter and unsweeetened coconut:


img_8415And soymilky almond sunet/black tea combo and water on the side.

I love this flax oat bran combination. It thickens up so much over night that it’s almost hard to eat; I have to go slow so my mouth doesn’t get tired! And anything that makes me slow down when eating delicious food is my friend 🙂


My pre-breakfast gym trip involved 20 minutes of bicycle, some arms and back on the cybex, 15 minutes on the precor elliptical, stretching/abs, and the jogs there and back. Stats: 1 hour and 17 minutes, 459 calories, 126 average heart rate, 162 max.

Also, for the past two mornings in a row, I have had wardrobe malfunctions that have required me to get out a needle and thread and sew things together that are already on my body while I’m racing arond to get ready. I am not impressed by this, and I hereby demand that my clothes start behaving, especially during the early morning hours. What was your most recent apparel crisis?

OMG, I almost forgot. Today is FREE CONE DAY!!!!! Going to look up closest Ben & Jerry’s now …

14 thoughts on “Endless groats and clothing mishaps

  1. Gina Boland says:

    Whoo Hoo, free cone day! Gonna try the B&J at Macy’s after work…hope they’re participating! It’s also $.50 ice coffee day at Dunkin Doughnuts but I don’t think you drink coffee!


  2. brandi says:

    i haven’t had any wardrobe mishaps lately, but I did wear a skirt to work a couple of years ago and the seam on the side ripped! like, where you could see my underwear. Good thing I sit by myself most of the day?

    I already had my ben & jerry’s and it was good 🙂


  3. Danielle says:

    I love love love prunes. You totally reminded me to pick some up while shopping tonight.
    Hmm I can’t think of any wardrobe malfunctions right now but I’m sure there’s been a few, I’m just mentally blocking them because they were probably too embarrassing.


  4. sue says:

    i realized mid-day that i’m wearing a pair of leggings with a hole in a not so great place. thankfully, i’ve been sitting like a lady… 😛


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