Dancer and prancer and donner …

And that title does not in any way refer to me actually dancing. Because you should know that I absolutely cannot dance in a way that doesn’t make me look like I need to be in a hospital stat.

Anyway, breakfast …


Breakfast was none other than the dazzler I’ve been eating all week: cinnamon bun on flax-oat bran.


This time, I put 2 tbsp part-skim ricotta in the center (instead of mixing it in) to increase visual appeal:


Part 2 was half of a sliced apple with 1/2 cup yogurt/ricotta and a tbsp PB2 (ahhh addiction alert!):


I also made it to the gym this morning. I had to walk there because of the groin issues, and it was much colder out than I had anticipated. Could have used my fleece! Anyway, once there, I did 20 minutes on the new elliptical that has an arm workout setting (yay for multi-tasking), hip ab/adductor and glutes on the Cybex, 20 minutes on the regular elliptical, stretching/abs, and the jog ouch walk back.

No shocker on my morning snack around 10:30. I had yogurt/ricotta with flax (some mixed in and some on top), PB2, and sliced banana:


At noon, we had a meeting with snacks provided. Here’s my plate (I am considering this my lunch appetizer course) with carrots, salsa, tortilla chips, and an apple:


After that, I had two more chips and two more helpings of carrots with salsa (and I also grabbed another apple to take home!).

Main lunch course was Thai seafood coconut curry with the repurposed veggies:


And a piece of Jessica’s orange:


And about an hour later, there seemed to be a second wave of lunch going on. My afternoon visit had gotten cancelled, so I joined the group with my donation salad:


In the process, Nydia hooked me up with about two cups of grapes. Obviously, they’re not all pictured.


Grapes are so easy to pop. I’ve mindlessly eaten two pounds of grapes on more than one occasion in the past … just because they’re there and so yummy. Like popcorn.

And then, Pura, the trouble-maker, came up and dropped some donated Dancing Deer cookies on the dreaded conference room table. Once again, the infamous view from my desk:


I wrapped up one of each (sugar Cookie-Lime, Chocolate-Tangerine, and Molasses-Clove) for later and then broke off a bite of each from the remaining cookies:


The cookies kept taunting me throughout the afternoon. I had this peanut butter Fiber One bar that Jessica gave me yesterday because I was actually feeling hungry (sometimes, several pounds of produce leaves me with an emptyish feeling in my stomach that I just can’t tolerate!) and I didn’t want to accidentally eat all three packages of cookies.


I won’t lie, though. I kept going back for one more bite and one more bite and one more bite until I had eaten the rest of that Molasses cookie. Eric from the environmental department came by (I can usually count on him to house food upon request when I need it to disappear from my sight) and finished off the pack of chocolate cookies. I claimed the crumbs:


When I left work at 5, there were three cookies left. Rosey, Rosalie, and Nydia forced me to take them home with threats that the cleaning lady would just end up throwing them out. I had no choice! So the pile of sugar in my freezer is now six cookies larger. It’s a rough life …

Whew, this post got really long really fast. And I still have way more to say because the food didn’t end there. I think I need to save it for tomorrow, though!

Obviously, there’s a stockpile of cookies and caked in my freezer. Do you have anything stockpiled?

19 thoughts on “Dancer and prancer and donner …

  1. verbalriot says:

    Of course you took another apple home πŸ™‚

    I have lots of organic chicken in my freezer…Every time my parents drive me up to school, I ask them to buy me some, without realizing I didn’t use it up yet…


  2. homegirlcaneat says:

    Hi hi! I am commenting for the first time because I just started my own blog today but wanted to say hello because I have been reading yours for awhile now and enjoy it so much! And taking little bites of cookies is the story of my life..because it quickly adds up to 5 cookies! And unfortunatly..I do it everytime!


  3. coco says:

    my first impression of your breakfast was flax oat bran and pita with hummus.. hahaha… and I thought what? hummus for breakfast? and then I realized that they were apples and yogurt/ricotta dip! Love this “dip” idea for apples! I need to try that out! πŸ™‚


  4. Ashley says:

    Mmm… what great cookie flavours! Which was your favourite? I think the Cookie-Lime sounds best.

    I love all the ricotta you’ve got going on! You are right – cottage cheese is inferior.

    I love grapes too – and they are very easy to eat a lot of. Have you ever had frozen grapes? Best. Snack. Ever.


  5. Krista says:

    Those cookies look delish! I can believe that they were totally unavoidable!

    I have a massive supply of Clif bars! Funny thing is, I don’t remember collecting so many!


  6. Elisabeth says:

    My freezer is stuffed full of stuff at the moment (I have been adopting your freezer-friendly ways), and the thing that seems to repeat itself over and over is leftover spaghetti sauce. I will not throw out spaghetti sauce. There are little tidbits of the stuff all over my freezer. Some homemade, some from a can…but all delicious. =)


  7. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    haha @ taunting cookies! I know what that is like! πŸ™‚
    I do in fact have a stockpile of homemade goodies in my freezer because recipes always make too much and you can only pawn off so much. πŸ™‚

    Lovely looking meals! Breakfast looks too good to be breakfast! πŸ™‚


  8. ellie says:

    I have a stockpile of Clif bars and canned pumpkin- though in my defense, they are hard to get where I live (Scotland currently) so I get them when I can!


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