Why is that thing green?

As promised, the rest of the recycled balls came into play this morning for breakfast.


I had a small but loaded breakfast cookie. The overnight mix contained 1 tbsp ground flax, 1 tbsp oat bran, 2 tbsp extra thick rolled oats, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 tsp south-of-the-border pistachio butter, and 1 chopped Hershey’s Kiss. This combination made for perfectly-textured dough this morning:


I frosted the cookie with 1/3 cup PB2 healthy cream cheese icing and topped it with 1/4 of Sunday’s Holiday Inn cinnamon bun:


And, of course, the remaining balls:


I brought my cookie to the couch to eat it with the almond sunse/black tea, the white peony iced tea, and The Today Show. I forgot about the apples up on the table and then realized I wasn’t actually hungry for them. They went back in the fridge for tomorrow.

I had to be up at Hunter at 9 again this week for a workshop on government benefits. I thought I was being so clever bringing my laptop up there so I could blog at the same time … but the wireless was blocked in that room!!! The nerve. They actually want us to pay attention. Hmph.

During the workshop, I ate an orange. If you’re not sure what an orange looks like, I ate one on Tuesday, so you can feel free to backtrack if you need the visual reinforcement.

For lunch, I had the last half cup of Thai seafood coconut curry/grilled veggies from Hunter’s lobby mixed with the half cup of chicken noodle soup that also came my way Monday night at Hunter, courtesy of Emily:


You might think that’s a weird combination, but it was actually delicious. I should be using coconut milk more often in my life. Too bad Turtle Mountain ignored my request for samples to review. I could have had an official Thai coconut milk curry vs. Turtle Mountain coconut milk curry face-off. Their loss.

The exact same yogurt/ricotta with flax, Pb2, and banana that I had yesterday followed the soup.

img_9000Speaking of samples, I received a package from the more agreeable Just Tomatoes today. They sent me a variety of their products to try, the most exciting being pineapple powder … which seems like PB2 in pineapple form but better than PB2 because it’s pineapple and it has absolutely nothing added. I can’t wait to try it out. Pineapple cream cheese icing, anyone? Ohhhhhh, that would be SO good on carrot cake. But I’m getting carried away.

I opened up the mixed fruit munchies packet and used half for tomorrow’s yogurt (I’m excited to see how the freeze-dried fruit absorbs the moisture from the yogurt overnight) and half for an afternoon snack with a splash of soymilk:


Mmmm, so good. Especially the pineapple flavor that completely pops. I had a few dry, too — also delicious!

Once I recovered from the freeze-dried fruit lovefest, I headed out to the gym. Thursday is usually my outdoor running day, but running has been causing me too much pain lately and I opted for the gym machines instead (this made me sad because the weather was perfect for running). I did 30 minutes on the Stepmill, 15 minutes on the rower, and 15 minutes on the elliptical plus a bit of abs and stretching. I walked to and from the gym and did not jog because, again, jogging hurts! Stats: 1 hour and 40 minutes, 517 calories, 118 average heart rate, 162 max.

On the way home, I stopped into Union Market for samples of marinated mushrooms, Piave cheese, and these two little desserty treats:


That chocolate chip brownie piece was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. And sooo chocolate-y:


I was hoping the green thing would be marzipan-related, but it was just lime cheesecake. Still, I enjoyed every morsel.


What’s the most surprising cheesecake flavor you’ve ever encountered? Did you eat it?

22 thoughts on “Why is that thing green?

  1. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    Ok, I feel better that I’m not the only one Turtle Mountain is ignoring.

    Interesting cheesecake: my grandma made one that was amazing! It was a layer of genoise cake, then pineapple cheesecake filling, then another layer of cake. SO GOOD


  2. Erin says:

    Okay, Okay. I’ve looked at your past posts and googled it but I have no idea what tea balls are! I seem to be very behind on this, but please enlighten me!

    I can’t think of an exciting cheesecake, but I encountered Guinness creme brulee once and it was delicious actually!


  3. Sweetie Pie says:

    I love the title of this post! I love just about any cheesecake, but my favorite was a cheesecake made with goat’s cheese at Poste in D.C. The texture was amazing, and it had a tiny bit of tang that I’ve never found in any other cheesecake.


  4. brandi says:

    ha – the nerve of no wireless 🙂

    i’ve never had any crazy cheesecake flavors, but I have seen some different ones at the cheesecake factory the one time I went there.


  5. homegirlcaneat says:

    Hi hi! I am a first time commenter (because I just started blogging yesterday!) but I have been reading your blog for so long now and wanted to say how much I enjoy it and all your delicious eats!! Like that breakfast cookie looks AMAZING! And I think the oddest, but most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever had was dulce de leche cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!
    xoxo Brooke


  6. Christina says:

    Good job on listening to your body and skipping the outdoor run. I need to get better at that! Sounds like you had a great workout anyways.

    Can’t wait to hear about the pineapple “pb2!”


  7. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    I’ve never encountered a surprising cheesecake flavor, but I have tried a tiramisu flavor and loveddd it! I also loved my cheesecake flavored fro yo last night! Delish. Too much good food in this post Sarah! I’ve never tried dried fruit w/ soy milk, but I’m intrigued by the combo!!

    Sorry that running outside has been hurting ya, but at least there is always the indoor machines to allow for a good sweat sesh! 🙂


  8. Lauren says:

    Your idea for pineapple cream cheese icing on carrot cake sounds amazing!

    I’ve seen recipes for savory cheesecake, but I’ve neither made one nor tried one. I’m not one to pass up cheese, though, so if ever a savory cheesecake passes my way, I’ll be sure to taste it 🙂


  9. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    That lime cheesecake looks freaky-deaky, but if you say it was good, I will take your word for it. My fave cheesecake is HANDS-DOWN Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. No flavor surprises there since carrot cake by definition already has a cheesecake flavor in the icing, but seriously having a slice of cake that is effectively half cake, half icing is enough to bring this cake lover to her knees.

    I have faith that Turtle Mountain will come through for you. Patience, grasshopper.


  10. biz319 says:

    My husband and I had a bet recently wherein I said cheesecake was never baked, only refrigerated, and sadly, he won!

    I’ve never had an unusual cheesecake – my fav is still the snickers cheesecake from Cheesecake factory, my mouth waters every time I think of it!


  11. Kristie says:

    Chocolate chip brownie… I WANT. I’m intrigued by the lime cheesecake too. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had an overly strange or exciting cheesecake flavour before. Now I WILL say I’ve never tried a cheesecake I didn’t LIKE, but it’s all been fairly standard cheesecake fare. I think I need to step up to the plate and create my own interesting cheesecake… which I’ll bet would be extra interesting considering I have never tried tackling the task of cheesecake making before. Yipee… okay I’m done with the cheesecake banter.

    Happy weekend!! 🙂


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