Holes and suction cups

Featured Lunch: Huevos Expan-cheros


Perhaps you remember last Friday (or perhaps you don’t) when Nydia brought a ton of food to work that her mom had made:


Nydia is Puerto Rican (as in, she was born in Puerto Rico, and her mom is from there, too), so I can only imagine that this beans, pork, and rice brilliance is some sort of secret Puerto Rican delicacy. It might be better than chocolate cake?

Anyway, starting this past weekend and continuing through my lunches this week, I’ve been milking Nydia’s leftovers by parceling them out into this pile of perfection:


My “huevos expan-cheros” (if you’re lost with this name, I am very cleverly making a play on huevos rancheros) include one beaten egg fried in a tsp of canola, wrapped around a hefty handful of arugula, and topped with 1/2 cup of Nydia’s mom’s rice, beans, and pork (I mixed them all together), a drizzle of plain yogurt, and 1/8 sliced avocado:


It’s pretty much safe to assume that every day around 12:15 this week, I have been (and will continue to be) closing my eyes in ecstasy with every. single. bite.


Featured Contributions: Tuesday

Tuesday, like most days in my office, was full of fun little contributions that kept me on my toes all day long.

Avocado slice and salad extras from Nydia and Jessica’s salad:


Salad extras from Mildred and Myrna’s salad:


Because everyone ordered salads for lunch, Mildred decided it would be a good idea to supplement with glazed donut holes:


I did not have a salad for lunch (I had huevos expancheros, of course), but I still decided it would be a good idea to supplement with three donut holes.

Inginia also appeared with some leftover lunch items of absolutely staggering flavor complexity. I was full so I had little tastes, almost passed out from delight, and then brought the rest home to use for dinner. Here’s 1/2 cup peppery salmon noodles:


And the most beautiful non-dessert contribution ever, Inginia’s homemade ceviche! I managed to sneak about a cup of this home with me, and I devoured it over a bed of arugula and 1/2 cup couscous-lentil mix from the restaurant last Thursday.


This ceviche rivaled even the ceviche I had in Peru, the ceviche (or so they claim) capitol of the world, and it looked like a rainbow to boot.


See the little baby suction cup? Awwwww … Mara, can this qualify for Cute Food Saturday?


SweetiePie from Just Sweet Enough gave me this sweeeeeet award, and I’m tickled pink purple because I think her blog is super, too! Go check it out, especially since she recently baked something called Derby Day Brownies that made me go weak in the knees … while I was sitting down. Also, I hereby pass this blog award onto to anyone who is still reading my blog despite the sporadic posting and nonstop talk of stress. Please go right ahead and post this badge on your site immediately! I love reading everything you write, and I find it one of the best ways to de-stress. Muchas gracias!

When was the last time you had a donut hole (aka munchkin!)? Also, how frustrated do you get when suction cups do not stay stuck where you put them?

24 thoughts on “Holes and suction cups

  1. Alison says:

    Wow…yummy food! My family and I used to eat donut holes for breakfast. I like the chocolate ones. They’re harder to get fresh than other donuts.
    One suction cup tip – sometimes it helps if I wet the rims.


  2. snackface says:

    Expan-cheros look killah! Haha last time I had donut holes? I don’t even remember, so it must have been over a year ago! And suction cups are crap. I just don’t use ’em. Have a great humpday! 🙂


  3. coco says:

    that egg expansion looks delicious!!!~~~ With avocado? great idea!!! 🙂
    Donut? 10 years ago maybe?! hahaha… but I just won a giveaway for a big box of donuts, so I’ll have some soon!
    oh….congrats for the award! your blog is SUPER!!!


  4. Erin says:

    Suction cups-Hate.
    Donut holes I had last on Black Friday, I think, My parents always get them for shopping fuel and I must say the little boogers are quite tasty. I don’t like regular donuts, but the hole is like the filet of it!


  5. brandi says:

    i want your huevos expan-cheros! Eggs, rice, avocado…it’s like a pile of all my favorite things 🙂

    I love munchkins…I haven’t had one in a LOOONG time, but those cinnamon sugar and the chocolate cake ones are my favorite.


  6. verbalriot says:

    lovely eats as always, congrats on the award!

    Funny that you ask because I had a munchkin yesterday!!! The supervisor from my internship came to speak in our class and brought us some munchkins! She’s awesome 🙂


  7. Ashley says:

    I’d never heard of ‘donut holes’ until i started reading peoples’ blogs… I think its definately a US thing. As a result, I’ve never had anything actually called a ‘donut hole’ but I’ve probably had something that resembles one!

    The huevos expan-cheros (hehe) looks wonderful! I love the avocado too… delicious!


  8. Danielle says:

    Those huevos expan-cheros look delicious!
    That looks so fantastic!
    Mmmm glazed donut holes I haven’t had one of those in since Christmas time I think, they are always so good especially when they are fresh.
    Congrats on the award, sorry you’re so stressed out hopefully you’ll be able to relax soon!


  9. Sweetie Pie says:

    Aww, thanks!

    It has been awhile since I’ve had a munchkin. I should remedy that soon! When I was a kid in my small Arkansas town, one of the only places that you could go for a cup of coffee was a mom and pop donut place called… “The Donut Hole.” It was the place for farmer’s to hang out in the morning and shoot the breeze. Good memories!!

    The huevos expan-cheros look truly amazing, and I’m loving the rainbow ceviche too!


  10. Andrea (Off Her Cork) says:

    Oh man I don’t even remember when the last time I had a donut hole was. I think maybe last year! Yikes! Funnily enough, hubs and I were just talking about donuts the other day and how much we would like one.


  11. Christina says:

    Mm that Huevos Expan-cheros looks so good (love the name by the way haha). The one thing I miss from vacationing in Costa Rica is rice and beans with every meal, including breakfast! I could probably live off them if I had to!


  12. carolinebee says:

    I think the last time i ate a donut hole is approx the same time i last used something with a suction cup- maaybe 1996?? My momz is Puerto-Rican, but not born there, her momz was…and sadly she doesn’t make ANY of the food or speak spanish! Now i just have to go to Costa to get my fill i guess 😀


  13. sue says:

    huevos expancheros are genius! i love it! 😀

    i have suction cup problems with my gps that i mount to my car window. it falls off all the time and scares me when i’m driving. the worst was when while my car was parked, it fell off, hit the emergency light button, and rolled under my seat. i got back to my car and saw all my lights flashing, couldn’t find the gps and freaked out cus i thought my car got broken into!


  14. luckytastebuds says:

    Honestly, I don’t remember when the last time i used a suction cup thingy because they get on my nerves too much when they fall off!! RAHWHRHWHRHRR Especially the soap holders you can put in your shower!!! SUCKY design??

    Hmm I last had a munchikin back in college maybe? It’s the only way to get busy college people to go to events. hahahah I still like real donuts better i think! Especially if they’re the apple cinnamon filled ones.

    Hon, you TOTALLY deserve that award. I couldn’t think of a better person than YOU to give that to. 🙂 DANG your meals looks amazing and creative and so tasty….*jealous*


  15. Julie says:

    ughhhhhh my suction cup falls off my shower wall ALL THE TIME which means my loufa falls to the bottom of the tub. I HATE THAT. but I love your food haha and it always makes me so hungry 🙂


  16. broccolihut says:

    It’s probably been about 10 years since I’ve had any kind of donut! Perhaps I should change that one of these days?

    I get so annoyed at those stupid suction cups when they don’t stick on the shower wall like they’re supposed to. Sheesh.


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