One down …

I’m almost there! Just one more paper due Thursday, and I will be temporarily free. Plus, since I got tomorrow’s paper done already, I will be free to spend my birthday lazing around and feeling sorry for my elderly status before I have to go to class πŸ˜›

Today, however, is NOT my birthday (although one premature facebook “happy birthday” seems to have started a chain of people unintentionally wishing me happy birthday a day early). Today is Mother’s Day and my sister Allison’s birthday! Soooooo …

Here I am with my mama in December:


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you.

And here I am with my Allie, meeting our first niece, Ella, in 2005:

sf ella allie smile

Happy happy birthday, Allie! I love you, too πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, I could not spend the day with either of these two ladies, as one is in Massachusetts, one is in San Francisco, and I am in New York! Instead, I spent the day writing a paper and fueling my way through the drudgery in the following manner. (Once again, this is an incomplete representation of all I ate, so don’t start to panic that I’ve stopped expanding or anything. Expansion is still
quite in progress.

IMG_9425Today’s overnight breakfast cookie actually involved the last 2/3 cup cooked couscous-lentil mix from dinner at Quercy. Because the couscous was already cookied and quite moist, I needed to add dry things! Into the cookie went a package of freeze-dried strawberries and bananas from Just Tomatoes (it was sooooo hard to keep from eating all of these straight out of the package — they were delicious and crunchy and perfect), 2 tbsp dry milk, and 1 tbsp homemade pineapple-coconut-ginger peanut butter. My plan worked, and the cookie had firmed up successfully by this morning.


I frosted my cookie with a mix of plain yogurt and Artisana cacao bliss, and I topped it with fruit salad:


Later, I had the rest of my spicy spicy Indian food mixed with lots of yogurt and arugula. I sopped up the sauce and yogurt left in the bowl with some pieces of cornbread liberated from the freezer:


In the afternoon, I had some pumpkin pie flax pudding with a dollop of the two butters of the day:



I also did some serious baking in honor of the three special occasions going on, but more details will be arriving tomorrow. Just know that I ate a lot of batter.


“Dinner” at this point ended up being more pumpkin pie flax pudding with oat bran immersion-blended in, chopped strawberries, and the two famous butters once again:


Are you celebrating special days this month?

18 thoughts on “One down …

  1. Krista says:

    Great spin on the breakfast cookie!!

    Today is also my brothers birthday, the 16th is our wedding anniversary and the 20th is my daughter’s 10th birthday! Busy month….;)


  2. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    Great post! πŸ™‚ It’s nice to see people say kind things about family members.

    Your photo foods look sooo good! Yum! MMMM cake batter. I had a few licks of my own yesterday lol It’s impossible not to have a least one taste.

    Have a great evening!


  3. Linda says:

    There are two special birthdays this month. We will be celebrating my friend’s 30th with a BBQ, on the 30th coincidentally. And my nephew turns 5. We’re going to Canada for the post-birthday celebrations and I’ll also be running my first race of the year – the Ottawa Half.


  4. Alison says:

    Your breakfast cookie and pudding look especially wonderful.
    No special days for us this month, but my anniversary is June 1 – just barely post-May.


  5. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    Just celebrating mother’s day today, by whippin up some roasted veggies and pastaaaaa!

    You and your mama are too cute! And oh boy do I want to try that artisana cocoa bliss!!

    You’re almost done!! Good luck finishing it all up Sarah!


  6. Ashley says:

    Im celebrating lots of special days this month! I’m celebrating my mums birthday (today), my dogs birthday (late may), my dads birthday (late may), my birthday (late may… can you see a trend?)

    Pumpkin pie flax pudding looks delcious (its still on my to do list!)… your talent in the kitchen never ceases to amaze me!


  7. Susan says:

    Awww, I love how mother’s day and your birthdays are all together πŸ™‚

    I celebrated my university graduation yesterday – that’s about all the excitement I can handle for one month!! :p


  8. Danielle says:

    Cute pictures!
    I’m actually not celebrating any special days this month but I will be goin on vacation of Friday so it’ll be 10 days of relaxing! Which sounds pretty special to me!


  9. snackface says:

    YAYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!I hope you get to enjoy the day!

    I just caught up on that trail race post—you’re a sport for doing that. I, however, think I may be a tad too prissy for that. I’d be so bummed to get my sneaks muddy. Gym rat right here.

    I need me some of this batter we have here. Not sure what it is, but I want it.

    Hmm celebrations this month… end of the school year, little broskie’s graduation, the last joyous moments with my man before I leave. I actually think every day of this month from here on out is going to create cause to celebrate.

    Again, I hope your birthday is wonderful!


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