Not convinced …

… that I’m ready for tomorrow!

Quick quick quick because I have to run back to getting ready for the half marathon TOMORROW. Lunch today was carrot sticks, mango-peppadew salsa, and more of Elisabeth‘s TJ’s rice and bean chips (sooooooo good!):


And for dessert, mom’s Indian pudding with a dollop of real vanilla ice cream that I found in the freezer:


I probably also finished off my plummy gummies (sorry I didn’t save you any, Allison!):


I did some tidying around the apartment this afternoon, and then it was time for a dinner I’ve been planning for ages but haven’t had a chance to make! You might turn your nose up at the concoction you’re about to see (I certainly would if I weren’t the one orchestrating it), but it was so so tasty. I had these sardines in tomato sauce from Cole’s:


Because they came in tomato sauce (and because their packaging is so pretty) and I don’t have any other tomato sauce hanging around, I’ve been thinking forever that they would be good for a pizza! I’ve always been kind of scared of sardines, but they looked just like regular fish when I opened the tin:


(They tasted like regular fish, too!)

I started by toasting a mini Boboli whole wheat crust in the oven for 15 minutes at 450:


I covered the toasted crust with the sardines and their sauce:


The rest of my sofrito sauce (had to get green in there somewhere!):


An olive oil-sauteed mix of the only veggies I could find: onions, shredded carrot, peppadew piquante, and frozen corn.


And feta!


It all went into the oven at 450 for about 20 minutes to get crispy and brown:


I ate half for dinner, yummmmmm!



Next, I ran off to Kate’s to pick up some running mixes for tomorrow that Olivia made for us and then ran back here to the apartment to prepare tomorrow’s breakfast cookie and my new favorite dessert: baked yam with cacao bliss, coconut, and nutmeg. (Followed by my second favorite dessert: 2 naproxen.)


Now I’m racing to get into bed by 10. I need my eight hours!

Tomorrow’s schedule:

  1. 6:00-6:30: wake up, eat cookie, get dressed (+ sunblock, HRM, iPod)
  2. 6:30-7:00: yoga for runners from
  3. 7:00-7:10: Erin Gunn and Kate arrive at my apartment
  4. 7:20-7:40 bag check
  5. 8:00 until forever: run/walk the half!

Do you ever feel like all you do is blink your eyes and the day disappears?

13 thoughts on “Not convinced …

  1. katecooks says:

    good luck tomorrow!!! you will be great, i already know it πŸ™‚

    pizza looks killer by the way! i am making some right now but forgot to toast the dough first and im thinking maybe i should have?! oops~! it will still be good tho im sure!!!


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