8-hour breakfast

I just ate breakfast for literally the entire work day. And now I’m about to go to dinner. But that will be another story 🙂

As I mentioned this morning, today was my department’s “monthly” (in quotes because we only do it in the months when we don’t have other events planned … which turns out to be quite rare!) breakfast. We all converged on the conference room (yes, the one right next to my desk) around 9:45 to take stock of what had arrived.


Beryl’s really the mastermind behind these events, so those are her hands cutting Jessica’s omelets over on the left. Here are my selections:


Obviously, you need a tour of my plate.

Here’s the mangu (yayyyyyyy!!!!!!) with ham (?? I always guess because I don’t actually know what kind of meat this is), fried cheese, and vinegar onions, courtesy of Belkis and Mildred:


Pancakes from Beryl:


Half of a ham omelet and half of a plain omelet, homemade by Jessica:


Nitza’s fruit salad and my pineapple:


Corn bread and coffee cake crumbs from Rosalie:


And this most amaaaaazing ever Dominican-style oatmeal — basically blended oats with sugar and cinnamon. It’s almost more of a beverage than a spoon situation, so I drank my seconds and thirds from a cup 😛


The plate, otra vez:


Obviously, because I sit right next to the conference room table where all the leftovers hang out, I had at least another giant plate’s worth of food over the course of the afternoon. Some highlights (in other words, this list is not all-inclusive!) …

More fruit:


Even more fruit, plus crumbs:


The rest of the fruit:


The last bite of mangu:


Corn bread and coffee cake crumbs with peanut butter and fluff:


Mashed together:



A leftover piece of bread with peanut butter and fluff:


(I know, I was really on a roll.)

Uh oh, the fluff is almost gone! How did that happen?


So I scraped the jar clean!

There were probably also some candies from the candy jar, too. Ohhhh, man. I’m still so full … but dinner is calling, so I must be off!

What a delicious delicious day!

On a scale of 1 to 5, how delicious was your day?

P.S. I also brought home Jessica’s leftover omelets. She is an omelet master, I’m telling you!


15 thoughts on “8-hour breakfast

  1. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    Seriously, I want to come work where you do. Granted, I’d probably never lose another pound, but all that looks SO amazing! Today was a 5 on the deliciousness scale! Crack wrap for breakfast, Italian for lunch, and Thai for dinner!


  2. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    Why thank you! hahah….just kidding! Your co-worker Jessica is always hooking you up with the best stuff! That peanut butter/fluff on bread combo looks divineeee….probably the prettiest food picture i’ve seen all day! 🙂

    And today’s probably been a 3 or 4! Lots of good food, but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve consumed peanut butter, english muffins, hummus, fruit and yogurt though….so it’s been a good day!


  3. janetha says:

    ‘scuse me, could you please refrain from posting such large amounts of deliciousness n ONE post?! i am dying over here! loved all the photos, but i have no idea what mangu is?? i will have to google it, never heard of it! glad you got to hang by the goods all day, looks like you took advantage of the situation! yum!


  4. Anne K. says:

    Yay for breakfast all day! The best meal of the day 😀 I’m loving that fruit–yum! That oatmeal sounds fabulous, too!
    I think my day was a 3.5 on deliciousness. Nothin too fancy, but I had some yummy eats! 🙂 Nothing compared to yours, though!


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