Summer soup

Yesterday was another all-over-the-place food day! So many random little nibbles that actually required some foraging on my part.

For example, I dug around in Belkis’ candy jar pretty soon after arriving at the office in order to turn up the last three peanuts.


The first 1.5 hours of work were nonstop with little issues that kept unexpectedly popping up, so I didn’t have time for any crazy snacking before I left for my morning visit. I was back at the office by 12 but immediately went into two other impromptu meetings before I could settle down for my lunch of the week: chicken caciatore with brown rice and triticale berries. On the side, I had this battered but delicious peach:


The afternoon had originally looked just as busy as the morning, but a visit cancelled, leaving me with too much nervous energy on my hands! Some more candy jar adventures ensued.



I probably had about 3-5 other little candies in addition to the dots, candy cane, and melon (?) hard candy.

If you’ve been following along this week, you will very easily be able to identify the components of this brilliant afternoon snack:


Any ideas?

Clearly, I’ve had a certain condiment combination on my mind for several days now 😛


Also making an appearance somewhere in the afternoon was the last (for real this time!) of my chia-tapioca pudding.


My pudding experiment has served me quite well this week!

As I was leaving work just after 5:00 to head down for my 6:00 class, something just happened to force its way onto my spoon:


And, if you look carefully in the background, you can see the announcement about today’s department breakfast. I love when we do these breakfasts because everyone brings in something different, and you know how the ladies in my office don’t mess around when it comes to food! Mmm, can’t wait 😀

On my way to class, I stopped into the market for my standard cheese samples … but they did not have cheese last night! Instead, they had a fancy French pepperoni-type thing called saucisson sec. I missed my manchego, but this was pretty durn tasty …


I had two little slices.

At some point after lunch yesterday, Jessica donated her leftover taco embellishments (cilantro, minced onion, adobo salsa) to my cause:


I thought they would mix scrumptiously with Rosey’s mom’s spaghetti that I had brought for dinner in class, and they did!


I always get so antsy in classes (especially in a 3-hour class like I will have all summer and even in an interesting class on child welfare like we had last night), so barely 15 minutes had passed post-pasta when I had to break into my cashew cookie larabar (again, courtesy of the birthday package my sister Allie sent). During a small group discussion later in class, my group-mate Rachel shared a Twizzler and hand-modeled the package:


Finalmente, I got home sometime after 10. (This is going to be a looooooooong summer of Tuesdays and Thursdays!) My first order of business was to hack two pineapples to pieces because that’s what I’m bringing to the breakfast at work today. The grocery store right next to the office has had pineapples on sale this week for $1.99. Around here, a pineapple for $2.99 is an incredible and rare deal, so I pounced on this one as soon as I saw the sign in the window. I bought one earlier in the week, and I bought the second yesterday between work and class. I very nearly impaled half of NYC walking to class with these dangerous pineapple spikes awkwardly protruding from under my arms … but no one seemed to care! They just kept heading straight at me. Sigh, New Yorkers. Willing to risk their lives in order to appear unruffled at all times.


Of course, I nibbled a hefty portion as I chopped!

And, as we all know, there is always room for Samoas ice cream soup.


That’s about 1/4 cup in the ramekin, plus I probably had at least another 1/4 cup straight from the carton. It was melty, and I had to clean the drips … with my spoon! This has to be the most incredible melted ice cream I’ve ever tasted — the texture is literally like melted whipped marshmallows (ooh, consider that a hint — if you even need it — as to the identity of my earlier mystery snack).

Today was my sleep-in day due to my late night last night, so I didn’t get up until 6:15. Because of the department breakfast coming up, and because I clearly can’t hold off until 9:30/10 for breakfast, I kept things light-ish this morning with the carrot cake (topped with the very last of my Artisana cacao bliss, nooooooooooooo!) and 1/4 cup cereal (all-bran strawberry medley + kashi golean crunch) with 1/4 cup soymilk and some berries.


Melted ice cream is my favorite summer soup. What is yours?

21 thoughts on “Summer soup

  1. Alison says:

    What a great price for pineapple! Even Costco isn’t that cheap.
    I love melted ice cream – I prefer it melted over right out of the freezer. Other summer soups? Not sure. Maybe smoothies, which are sort of like soups.


  2. marie says:

    Ha! Methinks you’re getting into the Fluffernutter action, no? 😉

    My fave summer soup? Black bean, of course–the same as my fave winter, fall, & spring soup.


  3. fitforfree says:

    You’re killing me with that PB&MMF!

    Am I weird for not liking melted ice cream? I love it when it’s ice-cold and super solid.

    Fave summer soup would have to be zucchini! (So easy: sautee zucchini, garlic, onion, + desired spices, then puree with a little broth!)


  4. ellie says:

    is that PB and yogurt? PB and fluff? looks good whatever it is!

    I burst out laughing at the pineapple/New Yorkers comment…so true! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen commuters seamlessly step over people who have tripped or something so as not to even break their gait. Oy vey 😛

    Favourite summer soup- aside from melted ice cream (with you on that one!) would be cold borscht made with pickled beets topped with sour cream…or gazpacho 😀


  5. Gina says:

    Whipped marshmallows, with peanut butter, and crackers???? OH MY! What a treat! And, DOTS, and licorice are two of my favorite non-chocolate candies, darn it, it’s too early for me to be craving sugar!!!


  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    Happy Friday!! I love that you love snacking as much as I do! hahahaha

    So hilarious that you were carrying a pineapple in your bag like that! Love it!

    Favourite summer soup: roasted red and yellow pepper soup served cold.

    Have a great Friday and hopefully it will be less crazy than yesterday was for yoU!


  7. Anne K. says:

    Wow, you had such a busy day! Love your afternoon fluff snack 😀 Oooh ice cream soup! When I was little and at my grandparent’s house, my cousin and I would always “make” ice cream soup. It was so good! My grandparents totally didn’t get it, and were always like “why do you want it to let it melt and get ruined??” haha, good times.

    My favorite summer soup… I’ll go with melted ice cream, too! 😀


  8. Sweetie Pie says:

    PB and fluff takes me back! We used to make toasted PB and marshmallow sandwiches for Sunday night suppers when I was a kid. I LOVED them!!

    I have to say that I love gazpacho. There is nothing more refreshing IMHO. Although, melted ice cream is good too. Especially with some cake mixed in. 🙂


  9. Christina says:

    You made fluffernutter crackers 🙂 Possibly the best combination ever.

    Your office is like a foodie’s dream! I love how everyone saves stuff for you. So cute!


  10. janetha says:

    haha melted ice cream is my favorite soup period! although if we are talking soup i do like cold gazpacho on a hot summer day.

    hope your work potluck thang is fun, cant wait to see what the ladies have in store!

    and i think i might have a hunch as to what the white mystery cream is 😉


  11. Lele says:

    Ohhhhhh fluffernutter. I actually didn’t make those until college- my wise mother kept marshmallow fluff out of the house or I probably would’ve been a 300 pound six year old. But man oh man, freshman year dining hall… I seriously made up for lost time.


  12. Kristie says:

    DOTS! Dots used to excite me so much when I would get them in my Halloween candy bag. I don’t know why, they don’t even taste that great… maybe because they were slightly more “rare” than other candies? Or maybe I was just a weird kid.

    I get oh so antsy in classes too. If I have a snack I WILL eat it just to break up the monotony.

    Mmm pineapple. I need to get some of that. I nibbled a hefty portion of cantaloupe this morning while chopping it up. I always nibble giant portions of everything I’m chopping up. I also JUST finished doing that with some feta cheese I was crumbling. Not quite as a-okay as doing it with fruit…

    My faaaavourite thing to do is clean up all of the melty edges in a melty ice cream carton. OMG. Heaven. I’m definitely with you on that being my favourite summer soup, BY far.


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