As is often the case around these parts, Tuesday began with cake.

Img 3266

Myrna’s birthday was last week, and she brought in leftovers from the weekend’s celebration. I grabbed a nice big slice and packed it up to take home nibbled on it all day long.

Img 3267

Actually, before the cake, Myrna was also responsible for my brillllllliant breakfast:


I was proofreading one of Myrna’s papers (she’s in social work school, too), and she knows that the way to my red pen is through my stomach, particularly when mangu is involved!


That mangu became breakfast and lunch. It probably should have been dinner, too, but there wasn’t any left by then πŸ˜›

Around the time that mangu part two was taking place, the nurses all gathered in the conference room right next to my desk for some sort of mystery feast. They closed the sliding glass doors (surely out of courtesy to those of us still working) which added even more to the exclusive and private mysterious aura.


Erik, aware of my compulsion to photograph food, held his plate up to the glass door so I could take a picture through the glass:


Thanks, Erik. I can almost taste it.

I needn’t have worried, though, because Tuesday turned out to be one of those days when food just kept rolling in. Pansy had saved a plate of food from the nurses’ mystery lunch (which turned out to be a birthday lunch in honor of Dorothy) for Rosalie. Rosalie, knowing how much I love to taste everything, saved some to give to me. Everyone is always looking out πŸ˜€

Img 3281

I gave the French fries to Beryl because, you know, potatoes.

Img 3282

At almost the same time, Nydia gave me her leftover chicken club salad from Wendy’s. I peeled and discarded the chicken breading and then pushed that salad to one side and inserted the birthday lunch leftovers into the other side.

Img 3286

I had a bite of the chicken (so crispy and delicious!) and those yellow noodles with sweet sausage and then gave the rest to Deborah and Myrna when they got hungry. Some salad was left, so I saved that for the next day’s lunch, of course!

Later in the afternoon, Nydia got a call from Inginia downstairs, announcing that she and Maria had made chambre, a Dominican stew with eeeeeeeverything in it. I ran down for a cup of it, but I saved that for another day, too, since I was too stuffed to eat more (and hell had also frozen over).

Img 3280

Despite the fullness, however, the angel food cake with fresh strawberry topping left from the nurse’s lunch had been taunting Jessica, Deborah, and me all afternoon because it was sitting right there in the conference room … but on the nurses’ side. We get scared to cross to the other half of the room sometimes because we don’t want to seem greedy or anything like that. When Erik walked by, however, we flagged him down. He’s a good eater and we share our department breakfasts with him sometimes, so we knew he would understand. After some minor bargaining, Erik went in for the kill:


And he came through a true hero πŸ˜€


Jessica was very happy:


And so were the rest of us!


Mmm, angel food cake with fresh berries is one of the best summer desserts (not as good as this one, though!).

Have you engaged in any food subterfuge this week? And who are your food heroes?

8 thoughts on “Cake-scapades

  1. Gina says:

    Onions for breakfast?? I like it!
    The cakes look great, but angel food is by far my favorite. Even though it doesnt taste quite as sweet and delectable as other cakes, I still love it because it’s easy to make, light and fluffy, plus it goes perfectly with lots of fresh fruits! Yum.


  2. verbalriot says:

    HAHAHAH I love this post! Erik is my true hero πŸ™‚

    hhhmmm…well I’ve been dragging my friend Dan through Chinatown, the Upper West Side in the rain and Park Slope to satisfy my food cravings. He’s my food hero this week!


  3. luckytastebuds says:

    hahah what fun!! what fun PEOPLE too!! And what a fun way to combine your food scavenger-style to create something that looks pretty awesome!! hehehehe

    I must now go google mangu. πŸ˜› Thanks for helping me become more worldly Sarah!


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