Somehow, another week has gone by! I don’t know how it happened, and I really can’t even remember what happened, but I know that the weekend is here. In fact, if I didn’t have so many pictures of food, I might think the week never happened at all. So you see, food photography does serve a purpose.

Apparently, this has been a colorful week in terms of my lunches. Can you guess why?


Yesssss, the CSA beets made their debut! I shredded the beets with CSA zucchini, CSA kohlrabi, and CSA garlic and mixed the whole thing with red wine vinegar, herb-infused olive oil, and coarse sea salt:


The beets took total charge of the salad of course. This takeover suited me perfectly, though, since I love beets. The salad worked wonders in my omelet (with a CSA egg of course):


I ate the omelet in my “garden” because I like to live in luxury like that:


And I only took about 10,000 pictures. I would have taken more but, you know, the colors were just so dull 😛


The beet salad also held up quite well underneath a morningstar black bean burger for lunches at work:


(Though you could throw a morningstar black bean burger on top of anything and have a pretty successful meal.)


A girl can’t live on beets alone, sadly, so some other items had to get involved. Gina had given me her free sample of chocolate chunk “weight management” shake mix a couple weeks ago (I did this with the vanilla sample), so I decided to put it to work.

Img 3101Img 3102

I dumped the powder into a bowl (fyi, there were no chocolate chunks in this mix, despite the title!) and mixed it with a bit of yogurt to get a frosting consistency:

Img 3103Img 3104

The frosting wouldn’t leave me alone all week and kept popping up in the most random places!

On top of a poached CSA egg on top of a grilled blueberry muffin from Wife:

Img 3205

Img 3209

On top of yogurt, cereal, and fruit:

Img 3181

Img 3182

Plus many un-pictured cameos via my finger 🙂 This still tastes fake and overly sweet, but the chocolate definitely beats out the vanilla!

Somewhere amidst all the shredding and weight management (haaaaaaaaaaa) this past week, I also had a midterm due for my family therapy class. Part of the midterm assignment was to create a genogram for three generations of my family, and part one of creating the genogram was to put together this map of my family. Can you figure it out?


Basically, my family’s genogram can be summed up in one sentence: Everyone got divorced and lived happily ever after 😀 Clarification: Everyone lived happily ever after until Sarah had to do this assignment and the divorces and remarriages made her life miserable for two days. Erin Gunn put it perfectly when she was here last weekend and said, “I take it you’re an advocate for divorce … until you have to show it in a genogram.”

Do you prefer to shred your body, your food, or your family? 😛

4 thoughts on “Shredded

  1. Gina says:

    I LOVE BEETS!! Yum, all of your beet creations look great. I still can’t get over the egg on top of the blueberry muffin, I would NEVER think to do that! I bet it was good tough, savory and sweet are two great combos.


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