Breakfast and dessert are obviously the two most important meals of the day. Without them, how would we know when a new day has begun or an old day is ready to end? 😛

Speaking of endings, I made myself a very exciting dessert this week that started with a pile of frozen coconut chunks and a pile of frozen mango chunks:


After a little immersion blend, I found myself drooling over a perfect bowl of coconut-mango sorbet …


… and decided to incorporate it into a Sarah-style neapolitan cup:


Left to right: coconut-mango sorbet, chocolate frosting, and froyo’d yogurt with blueberries and cherries.


With a little sprinkle of hemp on top for fun:


The majority of the week’s breakfasts involved brilliantly farm-fresh CSA eggs!


Poached on half of a rescued bagel from the freezer bag:


With green tea yogurt, mango, and blueberries:


My usual poached egg eating system involves pre-slicing so I can ensure that every bite of bread has a piece of egg to go with it:


Scrambled with CSA parsley and homemade parmesan:


With nutmeg-topped pineapple and coconut chunks:


And green tea yogurt with mango and cardamom:


And a crepe egg with CSA parsley, balcony basil, and pine nut hummus:


Speaking of hummus …


… check out what Diana delivered to me at our Brooklyn blogger dinner on Monday!


She’s been keeping some of her hummus overflow in the freezer for me for weeks, and I was thrilled to finally collect it 😀

Nothing like the beauty of hummus ice cream …


I was especially excited for the hummus because I know how perfectly it would complement my fresh and crunchy CSA cucumbers! It did not let me down:


Finally, just because it is so cute, I thoroughly enjoyed snacking on my CSA baby golden plums this week:


How do you bookend your days?

11 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Oh yay! Glad you’re enjoying the hummus–did it thaw ok? I haven’t yet thawed any frozen hummus for myself. I imagine it needed a bit of a stir at the very least.

    PS The Peruvian babies in the previous post are A-DOR-A-BLE. Reminds me of my Chinese babies from days gone by… If only my blog was food-dedicated at that point! It would have seen truckloads of eggplant, plus the occasional bit of dog and scorpion. I wish I was kidding.


  2. katecooks says:

    wow! your Sarah-style Neapolitan cup looks amazing!!!! i like to bookend my days with yogurt messes in the morning and then something sweet for dessert 🙂

    hope you are having a great weekend!!!


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