Drink up

This past week involved quite a number of exciting drink adventures! In addition to the jasmine iced tea with fresh coconut water and watermelon ice cubes, I also worked my way through the Amazing Meal drink packets from Amazing Grass.

IMG_3289.JPGIMG_3588.JPGImg 3520-1

After having successfully imbibed all of the lighter “green superfood” drink powders as snacks, I knew I liked the flavor of these and decided to take the plunge with these more substantial “meal” powders. I had a lot of last-minute food prep for class and work trainings this past week, so these packets served me well on my long days with limited refrigeration options and increased portability needs!

Each of these drinks corresponded pretty closely in flavor to its superfood counterpart, so nothing surprised me in terms of taste or color. I forged right ahead with the straight powder + water mixture.

Here’s the original:


The chocolate (my favorite of the bunch!):


And the pomegranate-mango (my least favorite but still enjoyable):


While we’re on the subject of Amazing Grass, I also had a chance to try the green superfood bars:


They both did their job in a pinch, and I approved of the taste and texture of both. Somehow, these bars tasted sort of like wine to me. I don’t like wine, but I like wine-flavored things, so I was happy!


The only real difference between the two seemed to be the chocolate coating on the chocolate bar, and that made me happy, too:


My mornings saw quite a bit of tapioca ball action, thanks to Elisabeth‘s shipment:


These instant green tea tapioca balls were so easy — five minutes in boiling water produced the ideal level of chew:


I’m obviously clairvoyant because I swiped some extra thick straws last time I was at the bubble tea place just in case a need arose …


Lo and behold, my very own personal thick straw came in quite handy with my jasmine iced tea and green tea balls. Who needs to spend $5 for the tapioca ball experience in a restaurant when it can be re-created so seamlessly at home?!


I also gave the balls a shot with some of the green tea powder that Elisabeth sent in the package:


Of course, I had to compare it with my own homemade green tea powder:


Can you tell which is which?

The powder and the balls complemented each other effortlessly … and I felt energized by the thought of the high antioxidant concentration entering my bloodstream.


The balls also made their way into a watermelon shake that consisted of two immersion-blended watermelon ice cubes and two cups of water:


I am definitely going to be repeating this one!


Finally, I needed some serious assistance via caffeine on Tuesday when I was stuck in an alllll day training followed by an alllll night class. In addition to my jasmine tea in the morning and two venti unsweetened black teas from Starbucks (yes, I know, I’m really doing my part to support the little guys), I also broke down for a tall light java chip frappuccino.


What kind of drinking have you done this week?

6 thoughts on “Drink up

  1. Hallie says:

    Yum! I like the chocolate Amazing Grass…but it’s sorta out of my price range, boo. This week I’ve been drinking a lot of protien shakes, and there might have been a vodka soda consumed at the wedding I went to last night (not approved on my new diet, but…whoops)


  2. Gina says:

    Oh how fun! I’ve never tried tapioca balls in drinks…only in pudding!
    how strange that the bars tasted like wine, red or white?? haha. I just can’t imagine tasting abar that tastes like wine…but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    This weekend I had one of my favorite beers, Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. It actually tastes like blueberries (probably because it really smells like blueberry). It’s so refreshing.


  3. Alison says:

    I really want to try the chocolate flavor. I tried the pomegranate mango and wasn’t a big fan – but I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews for that one. I assume it’s not reflective of the rest of the products.


  4. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    really cool green bubble tea, i’ve never seen them before! I’d like to try them too, since I’ve heard wonderful things about green tea! 🙂


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