Bridging it

Living in Brooklyn has its perks — namely, more space and happier people than you can find in Manhattan — and easy access to Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of them.


The week before last, Kate, Gina, and I met up at the park after work to enjoy one of the last “Movies With A View” of the season: Edward Scissorhands.


The park filled up f-a-s-t:


But we were safe in a spot because Gina has connections and had arranged for the reservation of a patch of grass. While we waited for sundown, we did some nibbling of course. I brought along the rest of my lunch to eat for dinner:


And then I got jealous of Gina’s ice from Uncle Louie G’s and had to get one of my own: a small cup with coconut and cookies ‘n’ cream.


Mmmmm, Uncle Louie has the creamiest ices with the most exciting flavors ever. The coconut had actual pieces of coconut in it — I felt like I was eating the fruit/nut itself!

The sun finally went down, and we got ready for the main attraction …


… after an announcement that the park was filled to capacity and people were getting turned away at the gate for the first time ever:


Some of Gina’s in-laws were part of the group that couldn’t get in, which worked out well for us as it meant their picnic needed eating! From the giant bag of sandwiches, I selected a salami and cheese:

Img 4758

I don’t know why I selected salami and cheese since it is the last thing I would ever order, but a craving hit and I was dying for the salt:

Img 4761

And it was exactly what I needed, especially with that perfectly crusty bread!

Finally, the actual movie began. As enjoyable as Edward Scissorhands was, however, I had a hard time concentrating on the movie with this sight distracting me:


P.S. Edward Scissorhands was totally different from the movie I saw when I was 8. I remember watching it for the first time and crying over this crazily tragic-but-scary love story … and having to leave the room because it was too much for me to bear. Twenty years really changes your perspective because it was just not that serious this time! Have you ever been surprised by a re-viewing of a movie you hadn’t seen in years? And, since this is a food blog: What’s the best outdoor movie snack?

7 thoughts on “Bridging it

  1. Brandi says:

    okay, first, we need an ice place like that. that flavor sounds amazing!

    i love watching movies outside like this – we used to go to this park in Newport News when I was younger to watch movies during the summer.

    and I love Edward Scissorhands!

    best outdoor movie snack would definitely be some sort of ice cream, I think.


  2. Sweetie Pie says:

    I love going to the outdoor summertime movies in Rosslyn, VA during the summer. They show free films in a park near the Potomac, and it only takes about 20 minutes to walk there from my apartment. I’ve been surprised at the level of cheese in some of my favorite eighties movies. The eighties has been their focus this summer. Short Circuit was kind of ridiculous. It still had me laughing, but, at times I was laughing in disbelief. I remember taking it very seriously the first zillion times I watched it on VHS. Wow. I must be getting old.

    No dissassemble!!

    I’m glad you had fun, salami, awesome ice cream and a great night. I’m a fan of outdoor ice cream too, although, a nice plate of cheese and fruit would bring a smile to my face as well.


  3. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    AAAARGH so sorry I missed that movie in the park! Totally had intentions of attending one of those this summer, but like many other similar things, I forgot. Bah. I totally love Edward Scissorhands, too! Looks like a great time, especially with that view!


  4. Gina says:

    I really know what you mean about movies that are different now than when you were a child. I just watched Ghostbusters for the first time in YEARS and I was shocked by how much I had not picked up on when I was a child. It was almost like watching it for the first time!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Edward Scissorhands. In fact, I was him for halloween once!!!

    Favorite movie snack, Popcorn and licorice


  5. Vani says:

    I’m so sad I missed this!! At least I beat the weekend traffic down the turnpike 🙂

    My favorite outdoor movie snack is, um, wine 🙂


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