The rain-motivated cancellation of my agency’s planned picnic in the park for the families a couple weeks ago had far-reaching ramifications, the main one being that I was left lunchless! Before I could mourn the loss of lunch, however, I had to call all my moms and let them know about the change in plans. While doing so, I ate a couple of Deborah’s cinnamon melts from McDonald’s:



Belkis had brought her son Emanuel to work for the picnic. He also ate a few Cinnamon Melts but really kept himself occupied with our no-longer-picnic-bound balloons:


I also had a few of these farm-fresh “melts” — my latest batch of CSA cherry tomatoes:


Finally, it was time to address the whole no-lunch issue, as we were all getting hungry and cranky that the picnic had been cancelled. After a lengthy discussion of options and cravings, we eventually settled on Mi Abuelita for the selection of appetizing soups on such a rainy day.


Myrna modeled the menu and then agreed to split the Mofongo de Camarones with me:


I had a slice of toasty buttered bread while we waited for our feast:


Emanuel provided the entertainment:


And so did the beverages. Myrna and I shared a papaya shake, and Jessica had a limeade:


Next up was the soups. I had a bite of Belkis’ sancocho and all of the carrots from Jessica’s sopa:


And then came the best part!! I was so excited for the mofongo because I’ve heard my coworkers talk about it plenty but had never actually eaten it myself:


Mofongo is a mound of fried green plantains, and Myrna and I ordered ours with shrimp:


Obviously, this was delicious and gave me even more reason to move to the Dominican Republic.


The mofongo came with the perfect side salad of avocados, beets, and tomatoes:


This was such a delicious, satisfying, and fun meal … and a great way for us to console ourselves after the disappointment of the canceled picnic. I have plenty of stressful days at work, but all of the positives (wonderful coworkers, excellent food, meaningful work, fun) really help to balance things.

How would you order your mofongo?

7 thoughts on “Mo-what?

  1. Vani says:

    What a perfect lunch!! I really need to start experimenting with plantains — they’re always so good when I order them at restaurants that I don’t trust myself to make them taste good (and I’m scared of deep-frying anything at home!!). Have you ever made them yourself?


  2. Gina says:

    Mofango??!! I love that word!! I would like mine with shrimp…I guess, I mean I’ve never heard of this so I need more options!! I like shrimp, but can anything go with this “mofango”?? I love all of the creative dishes in this post, and even the soup looks great. I love soup in the fall, especially carrot, curry, and pumpkin, yum.


  3. Sweetie Pie says:

    Wow. That looks amazing!! I love plantains and I love cheese. I’m not sure how I’d feel about having the two together, but I wouldn’t be able to resist finding out if I was presented with that option!


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