As I was saying, the plan on Saturday was to have dinner at my dad’s house with all of the parental figures (dad and Rae Ann, mom and John) and Aunt Mary, and that’s exactly how it worked out. We arrived at my dad’s house to one of my favorite sights in the entire world: cheese and crackers!


I had a few of these to keep me going until Rae Ann came out with her stunning masterpiece: Cornish game hens stuffed with brown rice and veggies!


That platter was as heavy as it looked!


I had half a hen and a ton of RA’s salad with craisins, walnuts, feta, and mandarin slices:


And then I broke out MY masterpieces, the pies:


I made sure everyone had a little slice each of apple and of pumpkin ricotta.


Obviously, I did the same.


And then I napped in front of the fire for hours while the grownups broke out their guitars and played music all night 😀


What is your favorite way to spend time with the “grownups”?

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