Put ’em up

After three long months of (cough) diligent (cough) practice, I finally took my yellow belt karate test on Friday.


Before the test, I was pretty sure I would fail. In fact, I pronounced on several occasions that I would be happier staying a white belt forever.


Once Friday night came around, however, I got super nervous and REALLY wanted to pass! I demonstrated my (shaky) proficiency with basic moves:


I sparred:


Watch out for crazy red-eyed possessed Sarah and her laughing pleasedonotpunchme move.


Yes, I smile and laugh the whole time I am supposed to be fighting.

I had to break a board in half with my side kick:


Somehow, I did it!


Yay for color!!


Since I was so successful on Friday night, I let myself be coerced into hitting up brook-vin with Erik on Saturday before we had to go to a friend’s good-bye party.

Img 7996

I looooooooooove this bar.

We started off with the best-ever mulled wine:


And then got really excited about the house-infused liquors:


We ordered the pumpkin spiced Manhattan:

Img 8002

It was tasty, but it got way too strong for me after a few sips. Erik had to take one for the team. The candied ginger on top was my favorite part, of course.

To soak up the alchy, we got in on some bacon mac & cheese action:


This was really Erik’s dinner because I had been nibbling all day, as usual. I certainly managed a few (aka many) crispy cheesy bites, though:



Img 7999

What is your favorite hot drink?

17 thoughts on “Put ’em up

  1. Marina says:

    congrats! I remember taking mine, I was so proud 😀
    I love all kinds of hot drinks, all kinds of coffee conoctions, tea, mulled wine is great in winter too, cocoa… so comforting and yummy 🙂


  2. erin says:

    congrats on the yellow belt! and i agree with fitforfree about the hot toddy… yum. that place looks very cool – perhaps next visit to park slope?


  3. Gina Boland says:

    Congrats, Sarah. Sad that I’ll be keeping up with you via your blog again. We have to plan a few Brooklyn girl outings despite my crazy grad school schedule. I love that mulled wine!


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