Guest Post: Erik’s food discoveries

Hi everyone! Sarah is currently in an undisclosed location in preparation for an as yet unknown event (or maybe she’s just doing homework), so for this post I will be taking over the blog narrative. My name is Erik and you may recognize me from previous posts with food in my mouth…and not much is going to change here either. At some point during the previous week, the inspiration came to embark on making a Shepherd’s Pie. Here we loosely followed this recipe for Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.


I have no idea where the idea to make Shepherd’s Pie came from, but I was glad it came to fruition and even more delighted with the end result.

Img 8013


In it were peas, corn, ground turkey, carrots and to top it all off, sweet potatoes! I have never really had sweet potatoes outside of Thanksgiving, but it is a flexible food that complements well. I have no idea how to write about food, but nevertheless I cannot recommend sweet potatoes enough! Perfect for a Shepherd’s Pie. Just look at it!!


So good it made me smile …


… do the mouth strut …


… exhibit unrestrained bliss just thinking about the next bite …


… and just take some good hearty bites:


Later that week, Sarah and I decided it would be nice to get out and enjoy some sushi. Actually, I suggested it because I never eat sushi. We found a place called Migita in downtown Brooklyn that totally impressed me. This place absolutely changed my outlook on sushi! First we had to enjoy some green tea …


… followed by the Chirashi platter:


It included shrimp, tuna, caviar, salmon, yellowtail among other palate pleasers. It was heaped on a pile of delicious brown rice, apparently a rarity out in sushiland.


Then came the delicious Dragonroll!! Eel and avocado also served with brown rice:




Here is the whole meal for your viewing pleasure:


And on to dessert!


I’ve never heard of red bean ice cream before, but those were some good iced red beans! If they even are beans. Who cares! The ice cream was great and came with fried bananas. Nothing can beat fried bananas! (except, perhaps, for sweet potatoes).



This is proof that we couldn’t get enough:


Thanks for letting me visit! I’ll “see” you around 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Erik’s food discoveries

  1. Lele says:

    Oh my God I am so cute-d out over you guys. This is a bazillion times cuter than every other smug satisfied coupled person’s “My romantic Valentine’s dinner!” post. That shepherd’s pie looks rockin’. And I love beans in sweet things- I just got back from Asia and I did not see a single savory bean dish but I ate them in pastries, ice cream, etc. etc.


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