Mixing work with food

At this point in the summer (yayyyy, it’s summer!!), I have two major sources of food: the CSA and work. In the past two weeks, I’ve eaten quite a bit from each.

Beginning with my completely honorable local and organic CSA food, I topped one of Erin Gunn’s Spelt Right bagels with all manor of CSA goodness (and non-CSA avocado and cheese):


I can’t really remember what was in there, but I think it involved CSA egg, and CSA spinach … plus a few leaves of my own basil. In honor of the basil, I carried out the photo shoot on top of the chicken wire that protects my balcony tomato/basil/arugula garden from critters:


Speaking of toppings, I added the CSA rhubarb-conventional cherry compote I made the week before to a scoop of Stonyfield vanilla frozen yogurt:


I enjoyed (understatement) overnight Kashi Honey Puffs in unsweetened almond milk with cocoa powder and CSA strawberries:


Finally, my work lunches consisted of loads of CSA salad greens (and reds) topped with all sorts of chickeny leftovers from the work volunteer party.


Mmmmm, who loves giant salads?! I do! I do!


That salad represents the union of my two food sources and provides a perfect segue into a discussion of work food! My entire floor decided to throw me a potluck breakfast in honor of my graduations πŸ˜€ I had requested that fruit be present, and they all listened!


I felt so special!


My breakfast involved pineapple juice, yogurt, Heather’s banana bread, Inginia’s sweet plantain-veggie-lamb casserole, buttered bakery bread, and lots of fruit:


Zoom of Inginia’s sweet plantain casserole:


It was very different and very delicious.

And Katty brought me graduation cake, yayyyyyyy:




The next week, the Early Intervention Department set up an ice cream parlor to raise money for our summer trips:


So many options!

IMG_9704 IMG_9705

Some made traditional sundaes:


But I got a strawberry shishkabab with coconut marshmallows:

IMG_9707 IMG_9709

And a yogurt parfait:


And a kiddie cup of chocolate chip cherry ice cream πŸ˜›


Mid-day ice cream parties are never a bad idea in my world:


Do you mix work with pleasure food?

4 thoughts on “Mixing work with food

  1. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    can I come over and eat with you??? πŸ˜‰
    work and food do not mix well for me.. my brain is running ruts I can’t taste anything. sad 😦


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