Batter up

And, for once, I am not talking about cake batter!

On June 16, two long-awaiting events took place: (1) Wife and Ted arrived in the city and (2) we took a group field trip to Yankee Stadium for a baseball game. This was my first time in the new stadium. It is ENORMOUS!


About halfway through the game (or, to be honest, probably much earlier), Kate and I set out for a big pile of nachos with some directional assistance from Gina:


Nachos with the works … YUM:


I shared some with Erik because he shared 1/3 of his spicy sausage with me:


I am quite impressed by the gourmet selection. The stadium was bursting with options.

More game:


The Yankees were losing, and that made me sad, even though I don’t particularly like the Yankees. There were way too many Phillies fans around in the stadium, so everyone kept booing the Yankees. I felt so bad that they weren’t being supported in their own stadium (even though I generally think of the Yankees as a big, bad, mean team).

I drowned my sorrows in a pint of Bronx Bomber Sundae ice cream:


OK, I did not eat the whole pint myself. Erik and Kate helped.

It had chocolate light ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and fudge cookie swirl. The swirl was the BEST BEST BEST part:


Partial crew:


The baseball game, however, was really just a lead-up event to Friday night’s festivities, the main incentive for Wife and Ted’s visit. Details coming soon …

Do you have a summer sport preference?

4 thoughts on “Batter up

  1. erin says:

    definitely soccer, but i enjoy watching baseball as well. i’m jealous – i haven’t been to the new yankees stadium or citi field yet!


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