Cat lady eats own placenta

Recently, if you live somewhere in the vicinity of Boston, you may (or may not, considering this story was hidden on the 11pm news) have seen a riveting, in-depth 2-minute segment on placenta encapsulation on the local news.


I gave birth to my second child, Freja, about a month ago and had the placenta encapsulated in supplement form, just as I did after Beatrice’s birth three years ago.


(Sigh … poor Bebop’s crooked neck!)

Admittedly, placenta encapsulation is not for everyone. However, since most mammals do seem to eat their placentas in the wild and I had no issues with postpartum mood disorders, low milk supply, or fatigue (three of the main complications placenta consumption is said to help prevent) when I took the capsules after Bebop’s birth, I decided to go for it again. As an added bonus, the doula I used this time for the encapsulation included a print of the placenta, which I promptly framed and hung in our bedroom. That’s normal, right?


I get so happy every time I look at that print! I love that it fits in with the room and matches Freja’s crib, and I also love that it’s a permanent reminder of how I grew a second PERSON inside my body.


(Side note: The doula we used to encapsulate Bebop’s placenta was awesome, too, and was instrumental in helping us identify and quickly address Bebop’s lip and tongue ties that made breastfeeding so brutal for us during the first couple weeks. We had to find a new service this time around because Kira was on a temporary hiatus from encapsulation work, but she is now back in business!)

Anyway, back to my initial issue: Cat lady eats own placenta. I’m sure no one even noticed the framed photo of four cats in the background during that interview, right?!


Those are not my cats! Though maybe that is even more odd. Who has a framed photo of someone else’s cats in prime living room real estate?!

My mom INSISTED on giving Beatrice a frame with photos (labelled, mind you!) of each of her four cats a couple years ago. I was skeptical, but Bebop actually loved the gift. I never really figured out where it should go, so it just stayed on a random side table where Bebop could see it. I certainly did not intend for it to end up on the evening news. We have so much lovely art in our apartment that I would have found something else to stick there for the interview (like, say, a placenta print?) if I had been in my right mind. Oh well.


Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy, time to go. If you need me, I’ll be downing some placenta and staring at cat pictures while my two angelic daughters nap in peaceful harmony all day long 😂.


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