Even supergirls need sleep

So, I’ve definitely written before about how everything with kids is a phase, especially when it comes to sleep challenges (and successes). We ended up throwing most typical sleep advice out the window with Beatrice and just following her lead. Basically, we have let her nurse to sleep, bounce to sleep, come into bed with us in the middle of the night, and the list goes on. Sometimes, the path of least resistance just seems right.


I wrote a post about her sleep style (and our futile early attempts to control it, ha!) when she was about 9 months old. Somehow, she grew out of each of those phases, though they always seemed endless when we were IN them (and though everyone told us they would create lifelong poor sleep habits), and she now goes to sleep by herself and spends the whole night in her own bed, very little thanks to her parents. She pretty much runs the show.


You can read more about our experiences with toddler sleep in this article that I wrote for the Scuba Jack website. However, I’m sure new sleep challenges are lurking just around the corner. The fun never stops!

To celebrate this brief period of toddler sleep peace, I thought I would share how Beatrice’s room has evolved as she has grown. If you need a refresher, her baby bedroom is showcased in all its glory in this post. Not much has changed!


Back in February, we swapped out Beatrice’s IKEA crib/toddler bed for this gorgeous Vermont Tubbs twin bed that some friends passed down to us. I found the Land of Nod flowered sheet set on eBay and the PBK organic stars duvet set (shoved at the foot of the bed for summer) on a local Facebook group, and I promptly stuffed the organic duvet with my childhood twin quilt. So much for organic, ha!

Beatrice’s sleep improved so much after we moved her to the twin bed. She was probably thrilled to sleep on a cushy mattress piled high with real blankets and quilts finally. We ordered the grey Munchkin safety rail for her bed, which I love because it folds down and hides nicely under her blankets during the day.


We replaced the glider with this cute Beatrice-sized bureau that used to live in our hallway. It was cream-colored and pretty beaten up, so I gave it a few coats of white paint and new flower knobs, and it fits Beatrice’s wardrobe perfectly.

Immediately post-bureau makeover:


The changing table has stayed put for Freja (there’s no room for it in our bedroom), which works out well because the closet in Beatrice’s room is now full of Freja’s clothes (practice for when they share a room for real, ha). We keep the little potty under the changing table for middle-of-the-night toilet visits. Beatrice usually calls us when she needs help getting out of bed and to the potty, and sometimes we find her already sitting on the seat with her glowing owl nightlight-lantern next to her. It’s one of the sweetest sights in the world, made even sweeter by the fact that her bed is staying dry.


Sometimes during the day, I will swap the chimes above the changing table for the mobile that is usually above Beatrice’s bed, which helps keep Freja extra peaceful during extended diaper changes that involve many big sister interruptions. I also find myself using the safety buckle on the changing pad all the time, something I could never quite understand the purpose of when Beatrice was a baby, ha. Two kids.


The closet looks the same, except it is now filled with teeny baby clothes again. I also keep Beatrice’s nightlight/diffuser there. It was only $20 on Amazon (can’t find it on there anymore, sadly), and we add either lavender or chamomile essential oils to it at night, turn on the red nightlight, and set the auto shut-off for about two hours. I don’t know if it helps her sleep better, but it sure makes her room smell nice.


And just for fun, here’s baby Freja’s corner of the world, complete with crib, glider, and placenta :). What more could a baby want?


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