How flat diapers saved my winter

This winter, I have spent more time in my pajamas than I would like to admit. And far too many moments counting down the seconds until my baby goes to sleep on a Tuesday night so I can finally watch last week’s Bachelor episode online. I am done with looking at the same books and the same toys in the same room all day every day. I struggle to form complete sentences when carrying on normal adult conversations. I want the snow to melt. I want the temperature to stay above 24 degrees. I miss the SUNSHINE.

The winter has not beenĀ a complete bust, however. Aside from the super rewarding luxury of being able to snuggle inside with my baby all day long (if only she would actually snuggle! or just rest!), I have learned something. I may have given up on stopping Beatrice from eating the carpet or her bandaid or yesterday’s lunch that is still on the floor where she dropped it, but at least I have conquered the flat diaper.

flat diaper
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This is the face of a confused baby.


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The letter B

I had so many things to say, but then baby Beatrice arrived, and I forgot them all.

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