Same old, same old

Lunch and breakfast today were pretty much the same as yesterday, so I won’t bore you with too many details. Here’s lunch last night stacked and ready:

turkey soup, yogurt/fruit, apple, carrots/green beans

the lineup: turkey soup, yogurt/fruit, apple, carrots/green beans

Notice there’s no emergency backup snack for today. That’s because I have no evening workout planned. Yayyyy, rest day!

Pretty yogurt:



Again, today’s breakfast was similar to yesterday’s (1/2 chopped banana, 1/3 chopped apple), with one slight difference: no more cherries! So I used blueberries instead:


Topped with yogurt and cinnamon, post-oven:


And I forgot to mention yesterday that this batch of grainmeal mom sent was also cooked with eggs and milk, so it’s got a good protein boost to it :-).

Now, you may have noticed that I rarely use a whole banana in one sitting, and you may actually be worried about all those leftover banana halves and quarters floating around (or you may not care). I am about to put your mind at ease with the most dazzling invention to ever grace the planet, a Christmas gift from my roommate Tara who has long sympathized with my plight. I present to you the Nana-Clip:


It clips right onto the cut end of a banana, thereby preventing it from turning brown. Brilliant!

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